Feeling Thirsty? Crack Open One of These 10 Craft Beer Podcasts

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Calling all craft beer lovers! It’s time to sit back, crack open a cold one, and find some new craft beer podcasts to indulge in. Whether you’re a basement brewmaster, a rookie dabbler, or you simply enjoy tasting local craft beers in your travels, you can find your new favorite craft beer and brewing podcast here. We’ve rounded up the top 10 best craft beer podcasts, reviewed by Vurbl. 

#1 – Craft Beer Radio

Craft Beer Radio

With more than 300 episodes in the archives since 2005, Craft Beer Radio is a leading authority in the world of craft beer. Not surprisingly, beer is consumed by the hosts during each episode. The typical show format focuses on a specific style of beer: lager, pilsner, IPA, ale, etc., the guidelines for brewing and classifying that style, its history and evolution, and of course, tasting and reviews of several brands. 

The Hosts: Jeff Bearer and Greg Weiss co-host the show. Bearer created the show in 2005 after being introduced to the world of podcasts and finding other craft beer podcasts lacking. He has been home-brewing since 2003, and is a recognized Beer Judge Certification Program judge. Co-host Weiss has a knack for identifying flavors in food, and had experience working at his college’s radio station. Before his college days, his father opened his eyes to non-standard beer, and he has continued refining his palate through craft beers. 

The Guests: This podcast does not feature guests.

Why You Have To Listen: Bearer and Weiss really know a thing or two about craft beer. Newbies and connoisseurs alike learn something new on every episode, as the hosts talk taste, flavor, aroma, texture, effervescence, and alcohol content. Fans appreciate the in-depth descriptions and candid reviews, and the hosts’ dry wit and banter make them fun and easy to listen to. 

Listen Here: Craft Beer Radio

Must-Listen Episodes:

Jeff is no longer permitted to write titles.

The name is the thing.

Daydreaming of a Silver Moon

Rating: 18+

 # 2 – The Beerists

The Beerists Podcast

The Beerists is a weekly podcast where friends and co-hosts gather to review five different beers from around the world. The Beerists serves to educate craft beer drinkers and advocate for local craft breweries and is an all-around amusing and informative beer-appreciation show. The show is completely ad-free and supported by listeners. The beers the hosts taste and review are provided by breweries and listeners (yep, anyone can send their favorite beer to be reviewed!). This award-winning show won in the Arts category for the People’s Choice Podcast Awards in 2016 and even features its own Best Of The Beerists Awards on the show’s website. 

The Hosts: John Rubio is the main host for the show. He’s been into craft beer since 1994 and has a 300-bottle beer cellar to support his obsession. He’s joined by co-hosts Grant Davis, a craft beer newbie and home-brewer, Laura Christie, a Certified Cicerone and beer guru, and Mike Lambert, who organizes the Austin BeerAdvocate Tastings. 

The Guests: Typically, The Beerists is hosted by the foursome. They occasionally have guest tasters, such as friends, fellow brew junkies, and even some listeners who supplied beer for the tasting. 

Why You Have To Listen: Because The Beerists’ format is predictable, listeners know exactly what to expect from each episode: a review and tasting of 5 craft beers. With more than 400 episodes in the archives, the hosts have reviewed 2,000+ beers over the years, and listeners can easily search the archives to find exactly what they’re looking for. 

Listen Here: The Beerists

Must-Listen Episodes:

New England IPAs

Hard To Get

Monday Night Hop Huts and Ethics

Rating: 18+

#3 – Master Brewers

Master Brewers Podcast

The Master Brewers podcast is a resource that supports the Master Brewers Association of the Americas, a group founded in 1887 to promote the advancement, technical knowledge, and interest in the brewing industry. The show is primarily for serious brewers and those who make money selling beer. Topics dive into the hardcore science and technology behind brewing, explores cutting edge lab research, and compares various types of hops, barley, malt, and other raw components used in brewing. The show even provides practical advice for brewery owners for improving operations and marketing their brews. 

The Host: Brewmaster, John Bryce hosts the show. An entrepreneur and graduate of Research and Training Institute for Brewery in Berlin, Bryce opened his first brewery in 2002 and went on to found The Lupulin Exchange, a free-market site for buying and selling hops.

The Guests: Master Brewers regularly invites guests on the show. Guests include brewery owners and operations managers, university professors, technologists, brewing consultants and equipment providers, research and development scientists, and many other industry experts and brewers who share their insight and expertise. 

Why You Have To Listen: Fans of the show appreciate the wide range of guests Bryce invites on the show. An expert interviewer, Bryce knows the right questions to ask to draw out insightful information. Listeners are guaranteed to learn something new on every episode, and professional brewers appreciate hearing about similar challenges faced by other brewers and how they overcame them. 

Listen Here: Master Brewers

Must-Listen Episodes:

Dry Hopping & Its Effects on Bitterness and the IBU Test

The Hidden Secrets of New England IPA

Manufacturing Hand Sanitizer in the Brewery

Rating: 18+

#4 – Good Beer Hunting

Good Beer Hunting Podcast

Good Beer Hunting is a podcast dedicated to serving the world of beer. Connecting drinkers, brewers, and suppliers, the show features award-winning and insightful interviews that discuss the industry’s past, present, and bright future. Topics range from start-ups and marketing, supply chains, production, and operations, to interviews with lawyers and consultants, and how the industry is changing during the current pandemic. 

The Hosts: Michael Kiser, Bryan Roth, and Matthew Curtis are the primary hosts, but other GBH editorial contributors occasionally host shows and interview special guests. Kiser is the original founder of the Good Beer Hunting website, which is the resource for brewers that the podcast supports. His experience with innovation, branding, design, and editorial strategies, as well as his passion for beer, is what makes the podcast such an informative and entertaining resource for listeners. 

The Guests: The hosts regularly interview guests on the podcast. The hosts also interview fellow GBH authors about their contributions on the website’s award-winning editorial side, Sightlines, which features in-depth articles about the state of the industry. 

Why You Have To Listen: Good Beer Hunting is different from other craft beer podcasts in the depth and insightfulness of the topics. It goes beyond taste and science and gets to the heart of the craft beer industry through candid, natural conversations with some of the brightest minds in brewing. 

Listen Here: Good Beer Hunting

Must-Listen Episodes:

Monies for Alcohol — How ABV Impacts Sales

Bryan Roth Asks For a Third Time

Pivoting in a Pandemic

Rating: 18+

#5 – The Sour Hour

The Sour Hour Podcast

One of the several craft beer podcasts produced by The Brewing Network, The Sour Hour is a show dedicated to the making of wild ales and sour beer. A niche but increasingly popular brewing technique, the show discusses the science behind using wild yeasts, and the distinct acidic and tart qualities that wild and sour ales have. The host of the show interviews brewers and fermentation experts that have perfected the technique, and shares practical tips for homebrewers and pros alike. 

The Host: Jay Goodwin is the host of the show and co-founder of The Rare Barrel in Berkeley, California, a brewery that specializes in sour beer. He has been into craft beer and homebrewing in his apartment since college. Goodwin’s experience, expertise, and award-winning sour beer from The Rare Barrel make him the ideal host for The Sour Hour, and listeners love the fun and informative conversations he has with guests.

The Guests: Goodwin features a guest on nearly every episode of The Sour Hour. Guests include brewmasters, owners, and employees of breweries, particularly those in California and on the west coast, fermentation experts, blenders, and even science and biology professionals. 

Why You Have To Listen: The Sour Hour is a must-listen for anyone that likes to drink or make sour beer and wild ale. The show talks about the history and the art and science behind making this distinct style of beer, which no other craft beer podcast covers so in-depth. Goodwin and his guests are entertaining, and listeners appreciate that they freely share their wealth of knowledge to help other brewers master the art of brewing wild ale. 

Listen Here: The Sour Hour

Must-Listen Episodes:




Rating: 18+

#6 – BeerSmith

BeerSmith Podcast

The BeerSmith podcast is a resource of the BeerSmith website, which is one of the largest communities of homebrewers in the world. The show features interviews with industry experts from around the world, sharing their knowledge and helping homebrewers perfect their craft. Listeners can expect to hear topics around in-depth brewing techniques, stories and experiences from professionals and homebrewers, and the science behind the brew. An audio version is available for download on all the major podcast platforms, and there are also accompanying video versions on the podcast’s website, Apple, YouTube, and Google Play. 

The Host: BeerSmith is hosted by the website’s founder, Dr. Brad Smith. He is the author of the Home Brewing with BeerSmith book, and developer of the best-selling homebrewing software, BeerSmith. 

The Guests: Smith regularly invites guests on the podcast, including expert homebrewers, professors, supply providers, beer judges, fermentation experts, book authors and editors of brewing publications, and many others that are happy to share their insight with listeners. 

Why You Have To Listen: Smith is an authority and thought leader in the homebrew industry, and many listeners and readers claim they can’t imagine anyone successfully brewing without his resources. The podcast and accompanying blog have more than 200 episodes, and listeners can easily search the show’s episode archive via topic, such as brewing processes and techniques, how to judge quality, bottling and kegging, recipe formulation, hops techniques, and so much more! 

Listen Here: BeerSmith

Must-Listen Episodes:

Five Tips for Beer Brewers from John Palmer 

Evaluating Your Beer with Denny Conn

Hops and IPAs with Stan Hieronymus

Rating: 18+

#7 – Beervana

Beervana Podcast

The Beervana podcast is a supporting resource to the award-winning Beervana blog. The founder of the Beervana blog and co-host of the podcast, Jeff Alworth is an accomplished author, educator, consultant, and speaker – and of course, craft beer enthusiast. The show covers a huge range of topics, from the type of glassware to use with different styles of beer, the hard seltzer trend, international brews, and loads of other “beer nerd” topics. 

The Hosts: Jeff Alworth and Patrick Emerson co-host Beervana. Alworth is an award-winning author of several books, including The Beer Bible. Emerson is a professor in the department of economics at the University of Oregon. The duo talks all things beer, including the economics of the industry, trends, and the science behind brewing processes. 

The Guests: Alworth and Emerson invite some of the brightest and innovative minds in the industry to share their experiences. Sometimes the show goes international, like last fall when Alworth traveled across Europe. Most often, guests include brewers, marketing and sales professionals, beer judges, authors, contributors and editors at industry publications, and many others. 

Why You Have To Listen: Fans of the show love the refreshing change from other craft beer podcasts. The hosts’ varied backgrounds complement one another, and they bring a range of knowledge and information that listeners can’t get elsewhere. Alworth and Emerson have a comfortable rapport, and they expertly weave the informative aspects of the show in with their natural conversation, making it entertaining and easy to listen to.

Listen Here: Beervana

Must-Listen Episodes:


Brewers Talk About Festivals

The Widmer Way (With a Very Special Guest)

Rating: 18+

#8 – Craft Beer & Brewing Podcast

Craft Beer & Brewing Podcast

The Craft Beer & Brewing podcast from Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine is the go-to podcast for brewers (and beer drinkers!) who want to keep a pulse on the industry. Every week, the podcast features a brewer or other industry expert to share information about beer styles, trends in brewing, flavor profiles, beer events and festivals, and practical tips for homebrewers to get the most out of their brews. 

The Hosts: Jamie Bogner and John Holl co-host Craft & Beer Brewing. Bogner is the Cofounder and Editorial Director of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine. Holl is the Senior Editor of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine, and an award-winning journalist in the craft beer industry. 

The Guests: The show features a different guest every week. Bogner and Holl invite a variety of guests, including brewers and brewery owners, managers, brewmasters, and quality control specialists, as well as sensory experts, beer judges, authors, and writers.

Why You Have To Listen: Rookie homebrewers and pros alike appreciate the wide range of topics covered by the show. From style reviews and ingredient deep-dives to startup and marketing advice for brewers ready to monetize their formulas, there’s something for everyone on the podcast. With backgrounds in journalism, the hosts are adept interviewers and keep the conversation engaging, informative, and entertaining. 

Listen Here: Craft Beer & Brewing 

Must-Listen Episodes:

Tim Matthews of Canarchy and Oskar Blues Dives Deep on Malt and Hops

The Best 19 Beers of 2019 Special Edition

Alarmist Brewing’s Gary Gulley: Brewing for Gold With Hazy and Juicy IPAs

Rating: 18+

#9 – Beer Sessions Radio

Beer Sessions Radio Podcast

The Beer Sessions Radio from Heritage Radio Network airs live every Tuesday at 5:00 in New York. The show combines craft beer with talk radio, and with more than 300 episodes, the show covers absolutely every topic under the sun in the world of craft beer. From highlighting brewery and bar owners’ up and coming success stories, to uncovering the rich history of brewing, and the rapid growth of craft beer bars, listeners learn something new and fascinating every week. 

The Host: Host and New York City restauranteur Jimmy Carbone hosts the weekly talk show. In order to recognize restaurants and bars that offer a unique selection of craft beer and promote the local brewing community, Carbone co-founded The Good Beer Seal.

The Guests: Carbone welcomes a different guest every week, mostly NY-based brewers, restaurants, and bar owners. He also talked to filmmakers, Eric Schleyer and Andrew Coury, and featured multiple interviews from the acclaimed NYC Beer Week. 

Why You Have To Listen: Carbone’s passion for craft beer and his local community of brewers and restaurants is clear in his commentary and interviews with guests. Regular listeners suggest keeping a pen and paper handy as Carbone and guests reveal new brands on the market and up-and-coming spots on the NYC craft scene. 

Listen Here: Beer Sessions Radio 

Must-Listen Episodes:

Drink Like a Geek

There’s No Brew Like Home Brew

Beer Boom: Building Bridge & Tunnel

Rating: 18+

#10 – Dr. Homebrew

Dr. Homebrew Podcast

First-time and experienced homebrewers are sure to learn some valuable tips on the monthly Dr. Homebrew podcast from The Brewing Network. Each episode reviews listener-submitted homebrews and judges them according to Beer Judge Certification Programs guidelines. The tasting, descriptions, and feedback all help fellow homebrewers hone their craft for the perfect brew. Listeners are also encouraged to submit their questions to be answered on-air.

The Hosts: Jason “JP” Petros, Brian Cooper, and Brian Schar co-host the show. Petros also hosts The Brewing Network’s podcast, The Sessions. Cooper and Schar are both Master Level BJCP judges. 

The Guests: Homebrewers who submit beer are invited to call into the show when their brew is being judged. The judges provide instant feedback and recommendations for improvement, which all listeners can benefit from. 

Why You Have To Listen: Listeners and long-time fans of the show appreciate the judge’s candid reviews of real homebrews. Listeners learn how to accurately judge beers, what descriptions and vocabulary to use, and even how to correctly fill out a BJCP scoresheet. The co-hosts are intelligent and witty, and the feedback on listener-submitted brews is often the source of great entertainment (or chagrin!). 

Listen Here: Dr. Homebrew

Must-Listen Episodes:

How To Fill Out A BJCP Scoresheet

Grapefruit Blonde Ale & Guinness Milk Stout

Dr. Homebrew: Episode #121

Rating: 18+

So there you have it! If you weren’t thirsty before, click on a few must-listen episodes and submerge yourself into the world of craft beer podcasts, reviewed by Vurbl! 

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