Flipping Houses For Profit: Top 10 Podcasts For Real Estate Investors

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Serious real estate investors have always understood the economics of house flipping. That is, buying a house, fixing it up, and selling it for a profit. It’s such common practice now that even rookie investors and homeowners with a little extra cash are getting in on the action. But there are loads of factors that impact success (or failure!). Fortunately, there are also loads of podcasts available for people who want to know how to make money by flipping houses. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or you’re just getting started during your downtime, Vurbl has a roundup of the top 10 podcasts for real estate investors to learn about flipping houses for profit. 

Flipping Houses for Rookies Podcast

#1 – Flipping Houses for Rookies

If you’re new to flipping houses for profit, the Flipping Houses for Rookies podcast is a fantastic place to get started. The show provides new real estate investors with a solid foundation with what they need to get started. The hosts then build on the knowledge with specific, proven-effective strategies. Listeners will learn where to find money for investments, how to make SLOT (Sandwich Lease Optin Transfer), deed, and wholesale deals, and most importantly, how to flip houses fast to make more money and secure a dependable second income source.

The Hosts: Co-hosts, Bill, known as “The Deal Maker,” and Pete, “The Rookie,” are seasoned real estate investors and educators. The duo is passionate about providing advice to listeners and has created a systematic process for their podcast, where each “season” focuses on a specific topic. For example, these include are you ready to buy a house, deal hunting, how to survive sellers calling you, making offers, etc. Then, each season has its own episodes to provide more in-depth information on each topic. Fans appreciate this organized, step-by-step structure, and find Bill and Pete’s advice is easy to follow and apply. 

The Guests: The show is usually hosted by just Bill and Pete, but they occasionally invite fellow real estate investors and Realtors, such as Maureen Miles and Dave Bolduc. 

Listen Here: Flipping Houses for Rookies

Must Listen Episodes: 

Buy a House Without Bank Qualifying

Finding Hot Real Estate Deals On A Shoestring Budget

Really Juicy Secrets Using Real Estate Contracts!

Rating: 18+

Flip Houses Like a Girl Podcast

#2 – Flip Houses Like A Girl

Real estate investing is no longer just a man’s world! House flipping coach and mentor Debbie DeBerry empowers and encourages women on her podcast, Flip Houses Like A Girl. DeBerry uses the platform to offer real, actionable advice to help women start or grow their house flipping business. Topics range from the basics of getting started and overcoming fears, to tips for estimating repairs and managing contractors. She even gets real and talks about the challenge of dealing with unsupportive spouses.

The Host: Debbie DeBerry, also known as “The Fliptress” is a successful, self-made real estate investor and house flipping coach, dedicated to helping women make their house-flipping dreams a reality. Her coaching programs are systematic and efficient. She provides the tools that women need to succeed and the support they need to thrive. DeBerry is warm, upbeat, and motivating. Fans thoroughly enjoy listening to her weekly show, and coming away with real next steps. 

The Guests: DeBerry regularly invites fellow female real estate investors and house flippers to share their real-life experience with listeners. They talk about success, failures, and secrets of the trade. Guests also dish on how they juggle marriage, motherhood, and day jobs, plus everything that comes with house flipping. 

Listen Here: Flip Houses Like A Girl

Must Listen Episodes: 

First 5 Steps You Must Take to Start Flipping Houses

13 House Flipping Mistakes to Avoid

Flipping Houses with a Full-Time Job

Rating: 18+

7 Figure Flipping Podcast

#3 – 7 Figure Flipping

The 7 Figure Flipping podcast is a resource from the 7 Figure Flipping mentoring group, which has helped hundreds of real estate investors systemize their wholesale flipping business, flip more homes, make more money, and work fewer hours. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not. Listeners of 7 Figure Flipping are not casual flippers; they are learning how to succeed with a wholesale flipping business that creates a predictable and consistent stream of revenue.

The Host: 7 Figure Flipping CEO, Bill Allen is the primary host for the podcast. A successful real estate investor who currently flips more than 200 homes per year with his team, Allen used to struggle flipping 1-2 homes per year. After systemizing his business, he began mentoring other investors and teaching them how to grow their own wholesale flipping business. Allen’s passion for educating listeners, and his knack for interviewing and leading the conversation, keeps listeners engaged until the end. Fans enjoy the relevant, timely topics and no-fluff content. 

The Guests: Allen’s guests include real estate investors, Realtors, financial professionals, authors, and more. Most recently, Allen talks with prominent California investor Bruce Norris to discuss the current housing market. Norris shares his opinion on the uncertainty around COVID-19, and what he anticipates happening next in the world of real estate investment (link to episode below). 

Listen Here: 7 Figure Flipping

Must Listen Episodes: 

Awaken a Sleeping Giant: Our Response to the Uncertainty

7FF 296: How to Get 100% Funding (And Other Tips for House Flippers)

7FF 261: Meet the Guy Who Runs Bill Allen’s Real Estate Investing Business: Interview with Nate Johnson (Part 1)

Rating: 18+

Flipping Junkie Podcast

#4 – Flipping Junkie

For regular flippers addicted to the thrill of the profit, the Flipping Junkie podcast with Danny Johnson is a must-listen. Johnson, a successful investor himself, thrives in the technology and automation behind flipping. He shares his secrets for systemizing the process for fast flips and huge profits. The show covers a range of topics, including how to find the best deals and accurately analyze the deal to calculate profit. Other topics include: what to know about renter and owner financing, managing contractors and workers, and the best improvements to make to maximize profit. 

The Host: Danny Johnson is a software developer turned full-time house flipper. He attributes much of his success to the software system he created to acquire and track seller leads and analyze deals. Now he offers a course to aspiring investors, and shares his experience and advice on his podcast, Flipping Junkie. Regular listeners of the show enjoy Johnson’s reassuring and motivational demeanor, the systematic approach to flipping that he shares, and the insightful and detailed tips that they can put to action immediately. 

The Guests: Johnson regularly invites guests to share their experience and insight into how to make money by flipping houses. Guests include fellow podcaster, Don Costa from FlipTalk, who shares his insight about COVID-19 and the current real estate market and where the flipping industry might be headed. Other guests include Erik Bee, who runs a lead generation company for investors, Josh McRay, a Google ads expert, as well as many fellow real estate investors, developers, Realtors, and project managers.

Listen Here: Flipping Junkie

Must Listen Episodes: 

Leads to Deals in 30 Days using Google with Josh McRay

Corona and What Now with Don Costa

3 Deals in 2017 to 40 Deals in 2018 with Lee Taylor

Rating: 18+

Real Estate Disruptors Podcast

#5 – Real Estate Disruptors

The Real Estate Disruptors podcast is for serious flippers who want to grow their wholesale business and flip 10 or more properties per month. The show is primarily an interview format, where host Steve Trang interviews top-performing investors and real estate agents who are making millions of dollars per year flipping houses. They provide real, actionable advice. The guests share how they got started, what worked for them, and the current state of their business. Listeners appreciate the no-fluff, straightforward and informational content.   

The Host: Steve Trang is a successful wholesale investor in the Phoenix market. In addition to his weekly interview podcast with free advice, Trang and his business partner, Max Jiminez offer their wholesale “blueprint” to investors as part of their exclusive mentoring group. Trang is an expert interviewer and fans appreciate his conversational style and ability to draw out valuable advice and “golden nuggets” from guests. 

The Guests: Trang invites a different guest on the show each week, including investors, wholesalers, real estate agents, developers, and many others in the real estate investment industry. Every guest shares their own journey and inspires listeners with actionable advice to grow their flipping business. 

Listen Here: Real Estate Disruptors

Must Listen Episodes: 

Chris Jefferson Shares How He’s Flipped Hundreds of Homes, Wholesales Many More, and How to Get Your First Deal

Oliver Seidler Shares How His Company Does 70-100 Deals Per Month

Matt Strong Shares How He’s Flipped 400+ Homes and Funded $125MM+ in Hard Money Loans

Rating: 18+

Flip Talk with Don Costa Podcast

#6 – Flip Talk With Don Costa

Flip Talk with Don Costa is a fantastic resource for rookies and pro flippers alike. Fans love that Costa and his guests offer real-world, no-nonsense insight and actionable information that can be applied to a flipping business immediately. His guests go beyond experts in the industry; they’re real people who flip houses for profit every single day, and they share how anyone can get started in the business. The show covers a variety of topics about flipping houses, including how to implement automatic systems to save time, and how to avoid common (and costly!) mistakes. 

The Host: Don Costa is a successful entrepreneur and investor who took control of his mindset and went from flat broke to mastermind coach. He is one of the industry’s most respected real estate investors. Today, he coaches aspiring investors and helps them overcome fear and obstacles and build long-term wealth through smart real estate investment strategies. Costa’s honest, real, and motivational show has inspired confidence in thousands of listeners to go out and take control of their lives. 

The Guests: Costa invites a range of guests on the show. Industry experts, top-performing investors, and real estate agents all share their expert advice, but Costa also invites real people who are on the front lines flipping houses every day, investors who have taken their business from absolutely nothing to success. 

Listen Here: Flip Talk 

Must Listen Episodes:

Wholesaling, Direct Mail and your Mindset with Cody Hofine

Going From Broke to Earning Like a Boss with Ross Alex

Todd Fleming of If You Can’t Wholesale After This I’ve Got Nothing For You

Rating: 18+

The Real Estate Guys Podcast

#7 – The Real Estate Guys 

The Real Estate Guys podcast is one of the most downloaded real estate investing podcasts on iTunes. It is the longest-running real estate talk program ever, airing on conventional talk radio since 1997. The show covers a huge range of investing topics that go beyond just flipping houses for profit. Topics include equity sharing, apartment investment, investing in the resort and lifestyle market, asset protection, unconventional funding, the repo market, how the oil, gas, and gold markets impact real estate, and loads of other informative, entertaining and valuable real estate investing news. Not surprisingly, many of the more recent episodes focus on COVID-19 and its impact on the real estate investing industry. With lifelong experience in the real estate and financial industries, hosts Robert Helms and Russell Gray are highly-qualified to provide commentary and insight on the impact of current events. 

The Hosts: Founder and host, Robert Helms was born into a real estate family, and has spent his entire life in the industry. Listeners may notice his distinct “radio voice,” which comes from his high school and college DJ days. His co-host Russell Gray is a financial strategist, speaker, and author. The pair has an easygoing, comfortable rapport while delivering information in a straightforward, easy to understand, and even fun way. 

The Guests: The Real Estate Guys regularly invite guests from the financial and real estate industries, such as Ken McElroy, Brian Tracy, Dr. Chris Martenson, Robert Kiyosaki, and many others. 

Listen Here: The Real Estate Guys

Must Listen Episodes: 

Crisis Investing Lessons – Navigating Unchartered Waters

Forecasting the Future of Real Estate in 2019

Ask the Guys — Equity Sharing, Self-Directed IRAs, and Gold

Listen Here: The Real Estate Guys

Rating: 18+

BiggerPockets Podcast

#8 – BiggerPockets 

The BiggerPockets is a refreshing twist on real estate investing news. The hosts’ upbeat, friendly banter makes learning fun and interesting while they interview some of the brightest minds in the industry. The show appeals to listeners by inviting them to imagine they’re friends with hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors, and they can grab a beer with them and have a casual chat to pick their brain about their triumphs, failures, strategies, and secrets to success. Listeners can expect to learn how to make money by flipping houses, the rental market, turnkey investments, and mobile home park investing. They also cover less tangible topics, such as how to get your spouse on board with real estate investing, and how to find time to focus on an investment property while working full time. 

The Hosts: Brandon Turner and David Greene co-host the show. Turner is the VP of Marketing at BiggerPockets, a successful real estate investor, and author of six books. Greene is a nationally-recognized expert on real estate with a passion for helping others build wealth through investing. The duo has a knack for interviewing, asking deep questions and keeping listeners engaged with casual conversation with guests that are both entertaining and informative. 

The Guests: The guest list on BiggerPockets is as varied as the topics. Turner and Greene interview both pro and rookie-turned-pro investors, real estate professionals, and even celebrity investors, like Ken Corsini from HGTV’s Flip or Flop Atlanta.

Listen Here: BiggerPockets

Must Listen Episodes: 

HGTV Star Ken Corsini on Flipping, Rehabbing, & Building Homes Like a Pro!

BiggerPockets Podcast 331: 10 Deals on a $20K Waitress Salary With Ashley Hamilton

3 Reasons Multifamily Rentals Might Be the Perfect Investment with Paul Moore

Rating: 18+

The Flip Empire Show Podcast

#9 – The Flip Empire Show

The Flip Empire Show is hosted by mastermind coach, Alex Pardo, who has personally flipped more than 500 houses. He regularly invites some of the real estate industry’s biggest players to share their strategies and insights for running successful investment businesses. The show covers a variety of topics around flipping houses for profit, including networking, finding creative deals, managing wholesale fees, as well as bigger picture topics like goal setting, leading by example, dealing with fear, and discovering your purpose. 

The Host: Founder of Flip Empire, Alex Pardo is a mastermind coach dedicated to helping others build wealth through real estate investments. He is passionate about delivering information that is both simplified and actionable, and his enthusiasm for helping others clearly comes through on the show. Pardo is an expert interviewer, and he does a stellar job getting guests to open up and share their experiences (good and bad!), all with the singular goal of helping others succeed. 

The Guests: Pardo invites a variety of guests to the show, including entrepreneurs, investors, and other real estate and financial professionals. He uses his master class expert interview skills to dig deep and get powerful, no-fluff answers. For listeners and investors curious about how the current pandemic will affect rehabbing and flipping, check out the latest episode and interview with Ryan “Rotty” Garcilazo. 

Listen Here: The Flip Empire Show

Must Listen Episodes: 

EP402: Ryan “Rotty” Garcilazo Breaks Down How To Pivot During this Pandemic, and Details Exactly What You Need to do if You’re Rehabbing Properties

EP172: Are You Losing Deals Because You’ve Got Too Much Competition?

EP202: WARNING – Jeff Watson Discusses Legal Issues ALL Wholesalers Need to Be Aware Of

Rating: 18+

Real Estate Investing Secrets Podcast

#10 – Real Estate Investing Secrets by FlipNerb

No topic is off-limits on the FlipNerd Real Estate Investing Secrets video interview series podcast. The host, Mike Hambright interviews some top performers in the real estate investment industry, and invites them to share and bare it all: “the good, the bad, and the unexpected!” Not only does the show cover all the flipping houses for profit topics that listeners expect, but there is also an unwavering undertone of inspiration, motivation, and encouragement from Hambright and his guests. 

The Host: Mike Hambright is a mentor, coach and successful real estate investor, and has successfully mentored investors who have gone on to buy and sell thousands of properties. Hambright is an expert interviewer, putting guests in the hot seat and getting real, actionable information. 

The Guests: Hambright has interviewed hundreds of professionals in the real estate investing industry, including Matt Theriault, Bill Bronchick, Charles Dobens, Jeremy Veldman, Clint Coons, Cory Boatright, Tony Alvarez, Vena Jones-Cox Larry Goins, Lou Brown, Brad Sumrok, Sam Sadat, and many others.

Listen Here: Real Estate Investing Secrets

Must Listen Episodes: 

Adapting And Thriving In A Changing Market

Win Your Inner Game

New Vs Experienced Investors

Rating: 18+

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