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Friendly Fire is a historically-centered podcast that adds an entertaining twist through its use of cinema and film. While discussing the impact that war movies have had on society, the podcast’s hosts both shed a light on the historical value of each film, and the impact that its popularity and story had on its viewers. From Cross of Iron to Black Hawk Down, listeners will be pleased to find that all of their favorite war films make the cut.

The Host: John Roderick, Adam Pranica, and Benjamin Ahr Harrison are all movie buffs who share a love and passion for history. This intelligent and dynamic group of hosts gives listeners a new perspective on society’s most classic and impactful war movies and how they in turn made us view war itself. Friendly Fire digs deep into the psychological impact that cinema has had on our real-life views, forcing listeners to evaluate their own “knowings” and perspectives when they might have not before.

The Guests: Rather than have guests featured on the show, each episode of Friendly Fire focuses on Roderick, Pranica, and Ahr Harrison’s perspective as they evaluate and unpack each film that is up for discussion.

Why You Have to Listen: Being that history can be viewed as a more boring subject at times, Friendly Fire adds some flare to the topics that would usually not be found interesting by many. The podcast also does an excellent job of using the art and theatrics of cinema to paint a picture of purpose for listeners when connecting the overall impact of war and its consequences to society and it’s perceptions.

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Must Listen Episodes:

Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

War Witch (2012)

Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

Rating: Not Rated

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