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Dr. Gameshow Podcast

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The Dr. Gameshow podcast from the Maximum Fun network is an action-packed live game show podcast where the hosts play silly, listener-created games with random callers. The show is family-friendly and many of the games come straight from the heads of babes. Rules are convoluted and it’s often unclear who the winner is, but the hosts reward the winners with promotional magnets and bragging rights. 

The hosts usually play 2-4 games per episode, and callers have no idea what game they’ll be roped into. There’s strange music (and even stranger singing compliments of co-host, Manolo) to introduce each game, and the conversation often goes off the rails as the absurdity ensues and callers say the darndest things. Listener-created games have included “Happy Birthday, Spiderman” where callers say what superpowers they have and the hosts try to guess what bit them. Another game called Dr. Fridge has callers give their name, state, birth year, and special hobby, and the hosts try to guess three things in their fridge. 

The Hosts:  Jo Firestone and Manolo Moreno co-host the show. Firestone is a comedian whose work has been featured on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Joe Pera Talks With You, The Chris Gethard Show, and more. Moreno is a comedian, writer, and animator who has performed at Gotham Comedy Club, Union Hall, Littlefield, Triple Crown, and DaF Festival. His work has been featured in Vulture, Abrams, Independent Film Channel, Sundance Film Festival, and more. 

The Guests: In addition to callers who participate in the games, Firestone and Moreno regularly invite other guests on the show, including actors, comedians, authors, artists, and fellow podcasters. In the Spiderman episode, they’re joined by Dan McCoy from Maximum Fun’s award-winning podcast, The Flop House. In another, renowned comedian, actor, and author, and host of the I, Podius podcast, John Hodgeman joins the show to play Dr. Fridge. 

Why You Have To Listen: Dr. Gameshow is a podcast for the whole family. The silly, loopy, and often off-the-wall humor is totally clean and the goofiness is guaranteed to have you in stitches. Firestone and Moreno have completely different personalities; Firestone is upbeat and lively and keeps things rolling along, which is balanced by Moreno’s dry and uber-chill wit and terrible singing.

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Rating: All Ages

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