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Gaming may be a form of escape, but one must eventually snap back to reality. But not in the case of Sean Sands and Shawn Andrich, the creators of the gaming podcast, Gamers With Jobs. Filled with nostalgia for classic games, excitement for conventions like Pax East, and discussions about games in the works, this dynamic duo (along with several other friends) shows that a job should never get in the way of escapism.

The Hosts: Though Sands and Andrich are the primary faces of Gamers with Jobs, the trajectory of their popularity is enhanced by a few of their long-time friends. Some of them are writers, most are gamers, and all of them (Allen, Julian, Cory, Amanda, Rob, Lara, and Jonathan) have something interesting to say.

Highlight: NPC’s and playable protagonists may not be real, but they highlight some relatable aspects of our world. Case in point: when the group discusses how many of these characters battle poverty, a destroyed family life, and mortgages in episode #544. It raises an interesting question to society, which is, what can video games teach us about the way we live?

Must Listen Episodes

#687 Cory and Amanda talk classic games, Pokemon Sword and Shield, and the road to becoming a gamer.

#633 Shawn and Sean dive into Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Spider-Man, and Hitman 2.

#544 Gaming fanatics Allen, Elysium, Amanda, and Julian discuss Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Path of Exile, and Blackwake.

Rating: Teen+

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