Think You’re Smarter Than These Celebrities? Go Fact Yourself Podcast Review

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Go Fact Yourself Podcast

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The Go Fact Yourself comedy podcast from the Maximum Fun network is a trivia game show featuring celebrity contestants. It’s filmed in front of a live studio audience in Los Angeles. It’s one part talk show and one part trivia contest, where the celebrity contestants have chosen the topics they will be quizzed on. Easy, right? Except it’s not, and the contestants get a lot of questions wrong. The audience laughs uproariously, and the hosts reveal the correct answers and invite expert guests to set the record straight. 

The beginning of each episode is a casual conversation where the guests introduce themselves, then they jump into the trivia. Round 1 is “What’s the Difference?” For example, dolphins versus porpoises. Round 2 is when the hosts reveal the trivia topic based on what the contestants claim they know a lot about. Some of the past trivia topics have included The Goonies, artificial sweeteners, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, chicken husbandry, Jack Daniel’s whiskey, and the best dessert spots in NYC. Questions start out easy and get harder. The final expert-level question requires multiple answers and is called the “Clusterfact.” 

The Hosts: J. Keith van Straaten and Helen Hong co-host the show. Van Straaten is a writer, host, and game show creator. He has worked on the game show Funny You Should Ask, NPR’s Ask Me Another, Game Show Network’s Chain Reaction, and he created and hosted The Fix-Up Show. Hong is a comedian and actor known for her appearances on NPR’s podcast Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, and her performances on several late-night comedy shows. She also has guest appearances on Pretty Little Liars, Jane the Virgin, Splitting Up Together, and Parks and Recreation. 

Ther Guests: The show has featured a variety of celebrity guests, actors, musicians, comedians, artists, and fellow well-known podcasters. Past guests have included Tom Bergeron, Pete Holmes, Lea Thompson, Paul Scheer, Cristela Alonzo, Margaret Cho, Jamie Kaler, and many others.

Why You Have To Listen: Go Fact Yourself is a laugh-out-loud show where you come away with a bunch of random facts you weren’t planning to learn (did you know TIME Magazine is actually an acronym for The International Magazine of Events?). In an episode featuring comedians and actors Jamie Kaler and Margaret Cho, Kaler claims he knows a lot about Dirty Harry, Larry Byrd, and potty training. Cho says she knows a lot about Korean revenge movies, YouTube beauty wars, and The Beach Boys. Hilarity ensues as they both bomb their Clusterfacts, and Kaler steals points from Cho when she doesn’t know as much about The Beach Boys as she thought! 

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Must-Listen Episodes:

Margaret Cho and Jamie Kaler

Lea Thompson and Sandeep Parikh

Tom Bergeron and Jodi Miller

Rating: 18+

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