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Are you ready for a scorching record podcast that dives into jazz, dance, and funk music? If so, then you’ll love the Heat Rocks podcast, which is hosted by music experts Oliver Wang and Morgan Rhodes. The hosts discuss everything about music, from cultural influences and lyrics to beats and the artists behind them. It’s perfect for those who are looking for new songs to listen to, as well as those who are interested in music history and how it has shaped the world around us.

The Hosts: Oliver Wang teaches sociology at CSU-Long Beach, and has used his creative expression to write Legions of Boom: Filipino American Mobile DJ Crews of the San Francisco Bay Area. He also created the website and loves to produce music during his spare time. And if that’s not enough, Oliver has written for numerous publications, including LA Weekly, The Nation, Boston Phoenix, and Spin. Morgan Rhodes is a music supervisor who shares her expertise on the weekly Tuesday Reviewsday. She’s also collaborated on Selma and Dear White People on Netflix, so she’s a pretty major influence in the music world.

The Guests: Past guests on Heat Rocks include DJ Michael Barnes, producer Thes One, writer Nelson George, soul singer Lee Fields, and writer Adam Mansbach, among many others.

Why You Have to Listen: This music commentary podcast covers a whole lot of ground, including the likes of reggae covers, comfort beats, music reviews, hot albums from the past, Kanye West, Prince, and so much more. Each episode also varies between 25-50 minutes in length, but some are as short as 10 minutes in length. Heat Rocks also has a strong focus on old-school music, especially ones from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s (examples include Forever My Lady, Rejoice, Dummy, and Parade). So with 146 episodes to choose from, we’d like to ask: Which one will you sing and dance to first? Will it be My Love is Your Love or In My Own Time? There are no wrong answers here because Heat Rocks offers an energetic musical discussion for everyone!

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Must-Listen Episodes:

Ep 118: Our Heat Rocks of the 2010s

Ep 129: Cam O’bi on Kanye West’s “Late Registration” (2005)

Bonus Beats: Old Music Reviews and James Gadson

Rating: Teen+

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