Here Comes the Modern Bride: 7 Top Wedding Podcasts

The modern wedding

Is there a wedding in your future? Even if you have dreamt about your big day for your entire life, making wedding plans is more time consuming and complicated than you ever considered. Fortunately, wedding planning podcasts will fill the gap between time and knowledge so that you have the best wedding you can afford. Whether you want the basics delivered frugally or have a healthy budget to spend, you will find ideas you can use to make a beautiful day.

If you are currently working at home or working a light schedule due to the coronavirus quarantine, you may have more time to leisurely look through Pinterest or read bridal magazines now. But once life resumes its more hectic pace, you may be multi-tasking to make necessary arrangements. Even if you ultimately leave vendor selection and detail management to a wedding planner, you will still want to be up on the latest and greatest trends for modern weddings. Podcasts and the websites that accompany them will keep you informed.

#1. Woman Getting Married

Woman Getting Married Podcast

With weddings averaging nearly $40,000 in the U.S. (more or less depending on where you live) according to Wedding Wires 2019 Global Wedding report, most brides and grooms have their eye on the mounting costs of wedding expenses. Woman Getting Married, a website and podcast started in 2009, helps couples find the wedding venue they want and much more. Now 400,000+ brides a year visit the site each year to get the low down on venue rental fees, catering costs, details of hosting a wedding there, the convenience of the location, and many more helpful facts.

The Hosts: Hosted by founder/editor Lindsay Jones and her co-host and husband Cory, the monthly broadcast usually starts up with a bit of gentle banter before delving into the podcast. You learn about great marital interaction as well as gain information about wedding planning. The hosts aim to address the stress involved in this process as well as in life itself. Even if getting married is not on your horizon, this podcast is so engaging you will find excuses to listen.

Before turning her attention to Woman Getting Married full time, Lindsay Jones worked as an editor for the magazine and digital editions of publications such as Rolling Stone, Maxim, and When she was planning her own wedding, she found few resources to help, so she applied the investigative skills she learned on the job to document the steps in wedding planning. Weddings became a passion for her and ultimately a new career path. With over 100 episodes recorded, the podcast is the highest-rated wedding podcast on the air.

The Guests: Woman Getting Married does not usually have guests, but through the website, the hosts encourage questions, which they answer on air. They also encourage submissions about real weddings, which they feature on the site and incorporate into the discussion.

Listen to Woman Getting Married

Why You Have To Listen: This podcast covers it all, from venues to vendors to dresses to ideas for all aspects of weddings. With each episode clearly titled so that it is easy to find the answer to specific questions you have, you can get your burning concerns out of the way first before turning the checklist on the website to help you map out an overview of your wedding.

Must-Listen Episodes

Wedding Q&A: What Do We Do Now?

Real Brides Share Their Favorite Ways to Save Money

Are These Wedding Traditions Outdated?

Rating: Teen+

#2. Disney Wedding Podcast

Disney wedding podcast logo

If you are planning your wedding while humming “fairy tales can come true, they can happen to you,” you may be envisioning a magical wedding at Disney. All of their properties throughout the world, as well as their cruise lines, are available for weddings, anniversaries, honeymoons, and special events. Knowing how to navigate the imposing infrastructure of venues, vendors, and price structures for basics and extras can be daunting, but in the Disney Wedding Podcast, the host Carrie Hayward is committed to helping couples create a unique, affordable experience.

While Disney is known for offering an all-encompassing experience where the bride and groom are made to feel like honored guests, the price tag for a wedding there is sizable, especially when extras such as location shots in front of Cinderella’s castle, arriving in a carriage, or having Mickey Mouse or other licensed characters make an appearance are factored in.

The Host: Not a Disney employee but once a Disney bride, Hayward doles out sound and unbiased advice on her weekly podcast. Her episodes have covered all aspects of planning a wedding that might take place exclusively at a Disney facility or that might have just the reception or just the honeymoon there. She loved her own wedding experience and wants to give other couples a similar opportunity to have a worthwhile experience. To help couples navigate the Disney wedding maze, she also offers Carrie Hayward’s Fairytale Weddings Guide to aid in planning.

The Guests: Program guests include vendors who work with Disney, plus couples who have gotten married there – in the amusement park, the wedding pavilion, or in a ballroom or outdoors. Her interviews are intermixed with news and money-saving tips. The audio from the podcast is something you can listen to anywhere, but if you go to the website, you are treated to a slide show of related pictures as the podcast plays.

Why You Have to Listen: Most couples have a finite amount to spend on their wedding and honeymoon and may experience sticker shock at seeing the minimum pricing for most Disney venues. By discussing what is available, the costs, and the alternative options, listeners are educated about how to prioritize what they want. What part of the Disney experience is most important? What goods or services can be brought in or purchased from non-Disney vendors?  With years of episodes to listen to, an engaged couple can become very informed consumers before locking down the details of their own Disney wedding.

Listen to the Disney Wedding Podcast

Must-Listen Episodes:

Amy & Mike’s Luau Pointe Elopement

How To Start Planning Your Disney World Wedding

Rating: Teen+

 #3. Bridechilla Wedding Planning Podcast

Bridechilla WeddngPodcast Video

Weddings are filled with tradition; the risk of trying to observe traditions is that you might not get the wedding you really want. For many brides, breaking with tradition means disappointing – or coming to blows with – your mother or your Aunt Lilly, but the host of the Bridechilla Wedding Planning Podcast Aleisha McCormack suggests that following your own vision will result in less stress and a more fulfilling wedding planning experience.

The Host: Aleisha McCormack, an Australian TV producer by day, is a comedian, author, and virtual bridesmaid who records her popular podcast at home in a closet. Her community of followers, known as Chillas – both Bridechillas and Groomchillas – numbers close to 7,000 on her Facebook page and 20,000 followers on her seven Facebook groups. while her podcast has racked up over a million listens. She is also an author of several popular wedding guides, The Bridechilla Survival Guide, The Bridechilla Field Guide, and The Maidchilla Manual for bridesmaids that challenge the assumption that brides want to marry men in traditional ceremonies.

She is flippant, funny, and practical. Her podcast is so addictive that one reviewer facetiously mentioned that she had been listening for a year without planning a thing just so she could go on listening as a bride-to-be!

The Guests: On the Bridechilla Podcast, McCormack interviews wedding vendors, bloggers, authors, and psychologists, who tackle everything including rehearsal dinners, obligation guests, photo booths and other wedding trends, and budgeting, plus stress and mental health.

Why You Have To Listen: Weddings are often fraught with stress, as the bride and groom, on the verge of making a major commitment, are confronted with tradition, parental expectations, and financial pressure. The podcast encourages Bridechillas and Groomchillas to “stay present and positive while saying f**k it to the Shouldas, Couldas, And Wouldas.” After all, they are preparing for a lifetime, not a day – a concept easy to lose track of when the wedding planning heat is on,

Listen to the Bridechilla Podcast

Must-Listen Episodes:

402- Things Everyone Forgets to Plan for On Their Wedding Day

286 – The F*ck It Bucket

Rating: 18+ (Explicit)

#4. Super Gay Wedding Podcast

Supergay Wedding Wedding Post logo

With LBGTQ+ weddings legal throughout the country since 2015, wedding planning has taken a new twist to accommodate growing numbers of same-sex weddings. Since these weddings are a relatively new trend, there is no deep trove of tradition specific to gay weddings. Using traditions from straight weddings as a guideline, couples look for guidance as to how to plan a wedding that is uniquely theirs. The Super Gay Wedding Podcast, presented by host Cindy Savage, who identifies herself as a “real queer wedding planner,” and Amanda Summerlin, a “super gay wedding photographer,” talk about weddings from an LGBTQ+ perspective.

The Hosts: Savage and Summerlin engage in several minutes of banter that underscores that they are very comfortable in and very proud of their sexuality before getting into the announced subject of the broadcast. Now in its third season, the podcast has looked at wedding resources and vendors as well as explored the love stories and wedding plans of LBGTQ couples around the country. The running joke between the two hosts is who is more gay. They live up to their goal of delivering the “bullshit-free wedding info you need along with a healthy side of snark.” There is plenty of swearing in this broadcast.

The Guests: Both vendors and the couples themselves are the guests on this show. What runs through the presentation from both types of guests is that the wedding couple seeks validation and support throughout the process. They want their vendors to celebrate them even if the couple’s families do not, and even get the pronouns to describe the couples correct.

Why You Have to Listen: If you are part of the LBGTQ+ community, Supergay Weddings will offer you some good insights for finding vendors who will help you have the wedding you want. If you are a straight listener, your eyes may be opened to the insensitivities often heaped upon those who are different.

Listen to Supergay Weddings

Must-Listen Episodes:

2×4: The I Do Company | Your One-Stop Shop for LGBTQ-Friendly Chicago Weddings

2×1: Equally Wed | The Best LGBTQ+ Wedding Resource on the Internet

Rating: 18+ (Explicit)

#5. The Big Wedding Podcast

The Big Wedding Planning Podcast logo

While some brides love making decisions about their upcoming wedding, others need more hand-holding and encouragement. The Big Wedding Podcast (TBWP) helps couples balance the big picture with the smallest details while not becoming consumed by the process.

The Hosts: A pair of experienced wedding consultants Christy Matthews and Michelle Martinez offer tips to couples, sometimes by sharing their own experiences, sometimes by answering listener questions and reviews, and sometimes though guest interviews. After three years and 198 episodes, the hosts encourage listeners to roll with the punches and keep the planning full of fun and heart.

The Guests: As wedding planners themselves, Christy and Michelle have worked with many big names in wedding planning who have appeared on the show as guests, such as planner Kimberly Allen, who has celebrity clients, Steph Grant, a photographer known for the stories her photos tell, and veteran cake-baker Lauren Kitchens. Along with the suggestions many guests contribute, the sessions exude a sensitivity to diversity. Author Katrina Majkut (My’kut) for example has spoken on weddings and activism and weddings and feminism, while Jason Mitchell Kahn gave tips for gay grooms and Tamara Jones talked on race and representation in the wedding industry.

Why You Have to Listen: The Big Wedding Podcast is timely as it offers advice for all types of weddings. With the current concern with COVID-19, which has impacted both couples wanting to get married with all the trimmings and the wedding industry itself, TBWP offers a virtual wedding package that includes online consultations, flowers, and a lighting and technical package to make sure your online wedding films well. Even if you do not want this service, the podcast offers many suggestions for getting hitched in these uncertain times. There is even an episode that features Landis Bejar, LMHC – a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who is helping couples survive wedding planning and now quarantines and coronavirus stress.

Listen to The Big Wedding Podcast

Must-Listen Episodes

#187 Spend Your Money Where It Matters

#168 Two Religions. One Ceremony

Rating: 18+

#6. Hue I Do Wedding Podcast

Hue I Do Wedding Podcast logo

If you are a Black or brown woman getting married in American, you may notice a lack of professional Black vendors as well as a lack of podcasts addressing wedding planning for people of color. That was the experience of Ashleigh and her bridesmaid Toniah when she was planning her wedding, so they started Hue I Do, originally called The Black Wedding Podcast. In August 2019, they set out to create a show especially for Black brides and groom, bridal parties, and wedding vendors.

The Hosts: Both Ashleigh and Toniah are young and relatable to an audience of late 20s-early 30s potential brides. They talk between each other and with guests like friends talk to each other. Since they often discuss realities that couples may not want to think about, such as true wedding costs, the friendly interaction makes the podcast both endearing and useful. At the end of each broadcast, the hosts offer a shout-out to one or more Black vendors, such as wedding planners, floral designers, makeup artists, caterers, photographers, and fashion consultants,  who may be willing to travel to the listener’s destination.

The Guests: Hue I Do regularly features guests who represent different segments of the wedding industry, such as Leneille Moon of Special Event Factory and Courtney Jackson of The Charming Details, Michael and Larraine Forrester from A Relationship Ministry, and  Shay M. Lawson, Esq., who discusses vendor contracts. 

Why You Have to Listen: A generation of brides addicted to Pinterest and Instagram may have unrealistic plans for their own weddings, but this podcast helps listeners come to terms with budget and time concerns. Constructing a wall of flowers as a picture backdrop like Kim and Kanye had might cost over $2,000 even using a more economical flower such as carnations due to the cost of flowers, construction, installation, and removal costs. The advice Hue I Do shares is not limited to brides of color, but the emphasis is on promoting minority vendors and helping minority brides. As the hosts state, however, what is important, is selecting a vendor who can honor and work with cultural preferences of the wedding couple and their guests, which will vary depending on whether the participants are African American, Caribbean, or African black, white, or from other ethnic backgrounds.

Listen to Hue I Do

Must-Listen Episodes:

33. Finding Love in An Off The Rack Gown with Roberta Noronha from The Bridal Finery

30. Realistically Breaking Down Wedding Budgets with Special Event Factory and The Charming Details

27. Inviting Kids to the Wedding with Kaycia Rhone Events

Rating: 18+

#7. The One Fab Day Wedding Podcast

One Fab Day Wedding Podcast logo

The first wedding podcast in Ireland, the One Fab Day Wedding Podcast was started in January 2019 as a weekly broadcast to accompany its popular website of the same name. The online site is the number one online bridal magazine in Europe and one of the top ten in the world that pulls in over 25,0000 daily visitors from around the world. In addition to the tips about planning every aspect of the wedding as discussed on most similar podcasts, the 54 episodes of One Fab Day (to date) probe interesting tips such how to Marie Kondo your wedding to streamline the process, keeping the wedding affordable for guests, and making the wedding meaningful to you.

The Hosts: Claire McGowran and Celina Murphy are journalists who are considered top wedding experts. They share a philosophy of “you do you” in planning your wedding, to make it fun and stress-free, and to get away from judgment about what you need to do or have at your wedding. While the podcast is wildly popular, it is going on hiatus in May 2020 as the two hosts are going on maternity leave, but it hopefully will return in 2021.

The Guests: While the hosts could carry the broadcast with their witty, engaging chatter, the podcast frequently has guests. The Marie Kondo episode noted above had Aleisha McCormack, the Australian podcast of Bridechilla fame, while other episodes have featured freelance beauty therapist Ciara McCluskey, One Fabs Day’s website founders Naoise McNally and Susan Gallagher, Lindsay Moynagh, founder of House of Hannah destination wedding planner, and You Magazine fashion editor  Grace Cahill,  who planned her wedding while pregnant.

Why You Have to Listen: Any listener who wants wedding planning tips and advice will get a useful earful in about an hour or less. Irish brides will be particularly interested in the wedding vendors mentioned on the air or on the website, but anyone planning a wedding will learn a bit about wedding customs from around the world – even as they hear how couples worldwide have problems with family drama, wedding cost-containment, and stress.

Listen to the One Fab Day Wedding Podcast

Must-Listen Episodes:

How to Deal with Bridesmaid Drama

Using Instagram to Plan your Wedding: Our Dos and Don’ts

How To Marie Kondo Your Wedding 

Rating: Teen +

These top seven wedding podcasts are but of a few of the dozens of shows about wedding planning or geared to topics such as photography, wedding flowers, bridal fashion, pre-wedding skincare, ceremony planning, and more. Their popularity reflects the extent to which even wedding planning has gone online. The happy couple can set up an online wedding registry, make many other arrangements online, and in this age of coronavirus, even have their ceremony recorded and put online.

Podcast sites make it possible for a bride or groom to hear valuable information delivered in an interesting way while jogging, driving, or relaxing at home and then put the tips into practice as they craft a unique ceremony that reflects their preferences.

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