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Since 2009, Marvel Studios has done something extraordinary, and as such, the best Marvel podcasts have become an integral part of the famed comic book house’s cinematic rise to the upper echelons. But their rise to supremacy can actually be traced back to that brilliant slice of pop culture art that is the comic book. When Marvel Comics released its first page-turner in October of 1939, the emphasis already was on the story, and how that has resonated exponentially over the decades is one of the great American success stories.

The 10 Best Marvel podcasts run the gamut from studio-connected broadcasts to independent outlets that celebrate the diverse landscape of the fabled comic book house. In the mood for some Marvel Cinematic Universe news, i.e. “the movies,” history, casting, trailer dissection, and storyline predictions? It can all be found in this heroic collective that is the best of Marvel podcasts.

1. Podcast: This Week in Marvel

For starters, TWiM is a studio-sanctioned podcast. Heck, they even promote it across their web presence. The show delivers the latest on movies, yes, but also the comics where it all started—not to mention video games, toys, and of course a new/old medium for the legendary hero creator—television. This is a fan favorite, if for no other reason than they take listeners’ questions via their Twitter page and direct email.

The Hosts: Ryan “Agent M” Penagos and Lorraine Cink currently helm the podcast that has produced a whopping 300 episodes. Penagos is the Vice President & Creative Executive at Marvel New Media and has 1.1 million followers on Twitter. Meanwhile, Cink is a published author with books like Marvel Powers of a Girl under her belt. She’s also the head writer/host on Earth’s Mightiest Show on Marvel Entertainment. 

The Guests: Anthony Daniels joined the crew to talk playing the iconic C3PO, and Marvel Editor in Chief C.B. Cebulski frequently visits for best-of lists. Lastly, to give readers the scope this podcast possesses, editor, artist, and actor Larry Hama, who has been making comics for Marvel for decades, has been known to stop by.

Why You Have to Listen: There are insider Marvel podcasts, and then there is TWiM. There’s dialed in, and then there’s Cink and Penagos’ connections. There’s … you get the picture. If it happens in the Marvel movie or comic book universe, you’ll hear about it first on this Marvel podcast.

Listen to This Week in Marvel

Must-Listen Episodes:

1. Updates on Marvel Studios and Marvel Games new release dates

3. Why does Marvel publish Star Wars Comics?

Rating: N/R

2. Podcast: Marvel Movie News

Marvel Movie News has the benefit of being part of the Popcorn Talk Network, founded by Maria Menounos and her partner, Keven Undergaro, as a safe space for movie and television fans to produce content that celebrates the passion (and criticism) of the visual mediums. As such, an immediacy with like-minded Marvel appreciators permeates the show that highlights the latest news surrounding Marvel movies—their past, present, and most importantly, future.

The Hosts: Zach Wilson, Xia Anderson, and Christian Bladt weave their web of facts and theories gleaned from years of Marvel mania that has resulted in an encyclopedia of history collectively coming from these three and their often uber-brilliant insightful guests.

The Guests: A varied group. For example, to celebrate being “halfway to Halloween,” the gang recently welcomed Anthony Masi to the set. The documentarian is an expert on horror and creates virtual events celebrating everybody’s favorite movie named after the holiday at the heart of this episode, Halloween. On another ep, they were joined by The Alternative author Jeff Winstead to dish his area of expertise, the best alternative Marvel universes!

Why You Have to Listen: Where This Week in Marvel has the benefit of having the Marvel Studio behind it, Marvel Movie News has the power of passionate fans whose very existence is defined by the tantalizing trickle of news about the world of Marvel movies. Their passion is palpable on every tidbit, from casting and posters to trailers and even release date announcements. Yes, their passion is palpable, but it also is contagious.

Listen to Marvel Movie News

Must-Listen Episodes:

2. More Marvel/Sony Mash-ups in the Making!

3. Eulogizing Marvel Television

Rating: N/R

3. Podcast: Women of Marvel

Some incredible Women of Marvel have assembled to create a podcast that shines a light on the priceless contribution made by countless diverse souls who create art at the comic house. From artistic creators to leap-off-the-page heroes such as Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and the dynamic women of X-Men, this is girl-power personified. The origins story of this podcast lay with the first Women of Marvel panels at New York and San Diego Comic-Con back in 2009, with a firm focus on women game-changers within the comic book industry. It morphed into a podcast in 2014 when Judy Stephens and Sana Amanat launched the audio news site.

The Host: Stephens and Angélique Roché are now the hosts, and the show recently celebrated its 200th episode. Roché is also the host of Marvel’s Voices, as well as a contributor to the tsunami of information that is Marvel.com. According to Stephens, in an interview with Marvel.com, the show sought to “advocate and give a voice to the women who work at Marvel, from the writers, artists, employees, and more. Over the last five years and 200 episodes, I believe we have continued the dialogue started back at our first panel in 2009, and brought a light to the diversity in comics.” When asked her most resonant Marvel hero from growing up, Roché replied that it was Gambit. “Being from Louisiana, this was the first time I heard a Superhero with a ‘local’ accent. It was kind of a big deal for me,” she said. Representation matters!

The Guests: Ann Nocenti was charged with killing Spider-Woman with her first gig at Marvel. Now, 40 years later, Spider-Woman is still going strong after Nocenti fought for her survival. She joined the Women of Marvel, along with Karla Pacheco, for a talk about the famed character and her future, i.e. getting her own series. Another featured guest, Jo Duffy, a Marvel writer, and editor for four decades charged with working on Doctor Strange and Iron Fist shared insight into what that time was like for female artists. The gals even got supermodel/actress extraordinaire Elizabeth Hurley to stop by and chat up her role on Runaways.

Why You Have to Listen: For its pure devotion and celebration to the female empowerment that is indicative in their creators and heroes.

Listen to Women of Marvel

Must-Listen Episodes:

2. Marvel’s Best Dressed

3. Ally Akai and the Asian American Girl Club

Rating: N/R

4. Podcast: Inside Marvel: An MCU Podcast

For those seeking information on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) but with an educated insight factored into the analysis, Inside Marvel: An MCU Podcast is the broadcast for you. Hosts and guests break down all the latest news from the legendary Disney-owned production house, as well as reporting on hypotheses and fan theories that innately permeate the world of comic book movies.

The Host: New Rockstars, also known for his work on Westeros Weekly, launched the Marvel show in 2019. The highly energetic program is reflective of its leader, whose given name is Erik Voss. The host with the most is also a screenwriter and has been a frequent “expert” guest on CNN and on the pages of Vulture due to his vast breadth of knowledge of the MCU and pop culture in general.

The Guests: None to speak of. Voss is the voice of all things MCU on this one.

Why You Have to Listen: Not only are they well informed and dialed in with the latest developments in the MCU, the podcast does so in a concise and clear manner. Most shows clock in at under 10 minutes. In today’s world where time is a huge commodity, Inside Marvel: An MCU Podcast scores on that front.

Listen to Inside Marvel: An MCU Podcast

Must-Listen Episodes:

2. Avengers Future and Inside Feige’s Master Plan

3. Could Tony Stark Return to the MCU as the New JARVIS?

Rating: N/R

5. Podcast: Marvel Us Disney

There are countless podcasts devoted to all things Disney, but Marvel Us Disney is specific to the superhero collective that has given us almost two dozen flicks in the last 11 years. Their effect: No less than completely revolutionizing the movie business. The Marvel Studios wing of Disney Studios has been making big news since the Mouse House purchased Marvel from its previous home, Paramount Pictures. Marvel Us Disney separates the rumors from facts and dives into specifics when it comes to casting, release dates, and production updates for some of the most popular movies made currently.

The Host: Jim Hill and Aaron Adams are collectively the Nick Fury of this podcast. They oversee all aspects of their show’s look at the heroic folks who go by the name of Iron Man, Captain America, and others. Hill is a longtime entertainment writer and a Disney “enthusiast” who has been a fixture on radio for decades. Also, his background as a stand-up comic adds priceless hilarity potential to everything he does. Adams has been by Hill’s side since the beginning, and his greatest contribution is having a unique and well-thought-out opinion to every single element discussed by podcast leader Hill.

The Guests: Just the two hosts.

Why You Have to Listen: This podcast sets itself apart by how it explores concepts within the MCU that others may look past. Hill and Adams weave their expertise innately through an organic curiosity of what makes the Disney-owned Marvel house tick … and tock.

Listen to Marvel Us Disney

Must-Listen Episodes:

2. The Problem with Secret Identities

3. How Disney Acquired Marvel

Rating: N/R

6. Podcast: AP Marvel

What is most enjoyable and enlightening about AP Marvel is how it focuses on the larger societal reflection and ramifications of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a simultaneous mirror to society and an aspirational view of who we could be.

The Host: Chris Compendio, Izzy Sio, and Anthony Paone are friends who turned their utter adoration for all things Marvel into a podcast that focused on underrepresented communities. As such, they have provided a forum that is sadly rare but immensely important.

The Guests: Various well-informed friends of the trio have been known to pop in from undisclosed locations across the land, including Sabrina Clarke and Thomas Rasmussen.

Why You Have to Listen: Inclusion! The AP Marvel team lifts up those groups that don’t often get the spotlight.

Listen to AP Marvel

Must-Listen Episodes:

2. AP Marvel Ranks the MCU

3. Joss Whedon’s “Feminism”

Rating: N/R

7. Podcast: MCU Rewind

Watching and, most importantly, re-watching movies is quite the commitment. But there are surprising things that emerge from a repeat viewing that were missed the first go-around. With that as its premise, MCU Rewind tackles the vastness that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a well-trained eye that comes with witnessing a flick a second or third time. What exactly they learn from these revisits (to the Marvel television shows too!) is the crux of what makes this podcast special.

The Host: Al Rodriguez and Tony Camarena are longtime friends who take their Marvel page-to-screen watching seriously. So serious, in fact, that their rewatching of these movies and television programs warrants extended podcast broadcasts. For example, each flick is broken into three episodes, and a TV show will get its own entire ep—all to itself.

The Guests: Most of the time, it is just Rodriguez and Camarena waxing poetic about the MCU. But on two occasions, they were joined by Tyler James Stumbaugh for his expertise about TV’s Daredevil.

Why You Have to Listen: They say hindsight is 20/20. And with that overriding theme to MCU Rewind, for fans seeking a podcast that goes the extra mile, look no further than this one for its commitment to bringing listeners the little things that most insiders miss.

Listen to MCU Rewind

Must-Listen Episodes:

2. Spoilers - Avengers: Endgame Results Special

3. Deep Look at Captain America: Civil War Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Rating: N/R

8. Podcast: Days of Marvel

On the cable television landscape, the SYFY network is regarded as one of the leaders in the sci-fi world. So, it would certainly be fair to say that if there was anyone who was considered an authority on the world of Marvel, it would be that channel. Therefore, SYFY Days of Marvel looks to be fans’ go-to source for news about all things Marvel movies. Considering that the fabled studio puts out a number of flicks per year, between X-Men, Avengers, and so-called one-offs, one needs an expert to bust through all the chatter to deliver the truth.

The Host: The podcast promises a cornucopia of its well-versed editors, writers, and of course those electric on-air personalities. As such, they are not shy in saluting movies that are worthy of lauding and putting those duds firmly in the “skip” pile.

The Guests: Day-to-day, anything is possible. And with the musical chair nature of the show’s host and guests, one program’s host could be a guest on tomorrow’s show.

Why You Have to Listen: Each day of the Days of Marvel promises to keep the discussion equally enlightening and entertaining. Their take on the dozens of Marvel movies will be ever-rotating, mirroring the menagerie of personalities who inhabit each podcast. They also go deep, looking at MCU flicks from long ago that many may have forgotten were Marvel flicks, such as Blade and even Howard the Duck!

Listen to Days of Marvel

Must-Listen Episodes:

2. The Importance of Black Panther

3. The Badass Blade

Rating: N/R

9. Podcast: Marvel Studios News

Marvel Studios News is a podcast that is always firmly looking forward. They seek to be the go-to authority for news about Phase 4 of the MCU that was supposed to commence with Black Widow’s May 1 release. That never happened due to the Coronavirus. Their coverage also delves into the Marvel/Disney+ television shows that have anticipation running high for Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, and WandaVision.

The Host: Sean Gerber and Paul Hermann are often compared to a sports broadcasting tandem, with Gerber giving play by play while Hermann offers color commentary. Believe it or not, it works well with the comic book context. Gerber is also the editor-in-chief of the Marvel Studios News website.

The Guests: On occasion, they feature guests, such as when they welcomed Justin Bolger and Chris Clow from the Modern Myth Media to talk about their shared appreciation for John Bierly.  

Why You Have to Listen: These guys delve deeply into the history of Marvel Comics and their heroes on the silver screen. That includes incorporating some films you may have forgotten about, such as the 1990’s Captain America! There also is an accessibility to this podcast that could not make it more appealing. It’s not that they talk down to the listeners. It is more than what is discussed and how they converse about the topic is leveled in such a manner that even the most passive comic book fan can follow and, bonus, get excited by!

Listen to Marvel Studios News

Must-Listen Episodes:

2. Expanding the Universe WandaVision

3. Will Audiences Ever Feel Marvel Fatigue?

Rating: N/R

10. Podcast: Marvel’s Voices

The storytelling voice of Marvel’s tall tales, dating back to the comic book’s beginnings, is one that has unequivocally been the anchor that keeps fans coming back over decades. Marvel’s Voices puts its spotlight firmly on those who craft these characters and storylines as well as countless artists who have been influenced by them. They discuss their meaning and much more in an incredibly personal podcast.

The Host: Angélique Roché is a veteran journalist, host, and moderator. She also is a voiceover actor with her own legion of various voices. She has been a featured guest on SYFY Wire, NBC News, Black Girl Nerds, and Marvel.com. Roché also hosts the aforementioned Women of Marvel podcast.

The Guests: They run the gamut, from Rise of the Black Panther writer Evan Narcisse to Meghan C. Rogers and Gloria Reuben chatting up Cloak & Dagger. There has also been Chris Robinson, Marvel Comics Assistant Editor, plus the writer who gave us Miles Morales of Spider-Man, Saladin Ahmed.

Why You Have to Listen: Access meets insight, where the end product is always about the story and those that contribute to those voices that are weaving storytelling tapestries. Between the comics, television, and film, that’s a whole lot of mediums for Roché to spin her own web.

Listen to Marvel’s Voices

Must-Listen Episodes:

2. Interview with Jen Bartel, Eisner Award-Winning Illustrator and Comic Artist

3. Sana Amanat, VP, Content & Character Development at Marvel

Rating: N/R

There is no escaping the power that Marvel has had over our culture over the last decade-plus. Marvel movies have now even been nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. These podcasts serve a distinct purpose in uniting fandom behind one of the great story houses of modern times. Listen, enjoy and always stand up for what’s right.

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