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Legal weed

Once considered a ‘poison’ and a dangerous narcotic, marijuana spent the better part of the 20th century strictly outlawed in the United States. It wasn’t until the late 1990s that California made medical marijuana legal. Many states followed suit on the legal weed bandwagon. Some states made it fully legal, allowing for both medical and recreational marijuana; some decriminalized possession of small quantities; and some still only allow certain components of the cannabis plant to be sold, such as CBD oil. 

Unsurprisingly, this massive shift toward legalization has created a booming legal marijuana industry. Growers, dispensaries, edibles, accessory manufacturers, and every professional service needed to support the industry now exist to cater to partakers. If you’re interested in learning more about the legal weed industry, here are 9 podcasts about weed, reviewed by Vurbl.

#1 – The Roll-Up from Leafly

The Roll-Up Podcast

The Roll-Up is one of the most entertaining and insightful podcasts about weed from Leafly, a leading online resource that educates readers and helps them find information about marijuana and retailers that sell legal weed. The site’s supporting podcast features a variety of topics, including industry news, information about strains, the science behind cultivation, and emerging products and accessories on the market. 

The Hosts: Bruce Barcott, Alyssa Yeoman, and Hannah Staton host The Roll-Up. Barcott is the Senior Editor at Leafly and author of Weed the People: The Future of Legal Marijuana in America. The three are great conversationalists and working in the legal marijuana industry, they have a pulse on the topics that listeners want to know about, including legalization, dispensaries, pricing, cool new products, and more.

The Guests: The show regularly features guests from across the cannabis industry, as well as authors, comedians, yoga teachers, legal weed advocates, fellow authors at Leafly, and contributors to other leading cannabis resources, such as High Times

Why You Have To Listen: The hosts of The Roll-Up do a fantastic job of informing and educating listeners about the cannabis industry while mixing in entertaining and relevant commentary. Most recently, the hosts were joined by Jon Mooallem, author of This is Chance! While the book is about the Great Alaskan Earthquake, the underlying theme talks about the psychology of disaster, making it a relatable listen during the current COVID-19 pandemic

Listen to The Roll-Up

Must-Listen Episodes:

Jon Mooallem on the Great Alaskan Earthquake

The Great Leafly CBD Test

Michigan shocker

Rating: 18+ (Explicit)

#2 – Marijuana Today

Marijuana Today Podcast

The Marijuana Today podcast is an in-depth discussion about the politics and the business of the legal marijuana industry. It follows the ever-evolving movement to relax prohibition laws on marijuana and hypothesizes on the future of the industry. Topics include the financial impacts of legal weed, how professional sports policies are changing, and the addition of cannabis in cooking and the rise of edibles. Because the topics closely follow the legalization of marijuana at the state and federal level, there are also many shows that discuss the current political environment and what the 2020 election could mean for the industry.

The Hosts: Marijuana Today is hosted by Kris Lotlikar, Dan Goldman, and Kris Krane. Lotlikar is the primary host and has nearly 20 years of experience advocating for the industry. He helped start Students for Sensible Drug Policy and created the first comprehensive market report on the marijuana industry in 2011. 

The Guests: The show features a cast of “Regulars,” who are all experts in the legal marijuana industry. Dan Goldman is a renowned activist for the industry with more than 20 years of experience; Kris Krane is the managing director for 4Front Advisors, an investment and management firm in the cannabis industry; Adam Smith, who also helped start Students for Sensible Drug Policy; Taylor West, former Deputy Director of National Cannabis Industry Association and Communications Director for COHNNABIS, a Denver-based cannabis marketing agency, and many more who lend their knowledge to the discussions.

Why You Have To Listen: With decades of combined experience in the activism, politics, and economics of the industry, Lotikar and the other regulars on Marijuana Daily are uniquely qualified to provide commentary on a broad range of legal weed topics. Listeners appreciate the focused content and insightful opinions. Fans include both people working in the cannabis industry as well as regular folk following the politics in their own state. 

Listen to Marijuana Today

Must-Listen Episodes:

The Governors’ Push for Marijuana Reform

The Universal Symbol(s) of Legal Marijuana

Rating: 18+ (Explicit)

#3 – Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast

Cannabis Cultivation & Science Podcast

As its name implies, the Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast is a podcast about weed dedicated to growing cannabis. Produced by KIS (Keep It Simple) Organics in Washington, the show delves into the science behind growing weed, from soil composition and the importance of fungi and microbes in the cannabis garden to lighting technology, tea composting, insect and pest problems, soil testing, avoiding transplant shock, and much more.

The Host: Tad Hussey is the host and owner of KIS Organics. He has been in the horticulture industry since childhood. After some experimentation in his dad’s compost tea technology and meeting some of the brightest minds behind the emerging science, he learned to challenge conventional beliefs, including the myths surrounding bottled nutrients in the cannabis cultivation industry. He began mixing and selling his own soils, and now KIS Organics is proud to say they have cannabis customers that have been reusing the same soil for 5 years using their methodology. 

The Guests: Hussey regularly invites guests to share their expertise and insight with listeners. Guests include growers, scientists, entomologists, agronomists, horticulturists, neuroscientists, professors, doctors, lighting manufacturers, experts in plant breeding and genetic testing, and many more. 

Why You Have To Listen: Hussey created the podcast to provide growers with science-based, research-backed information to improve their cultivation practice. His goal with the show is to debunk common cultivation myths and share how growers can naturally enhance their soil to become more organic and sustainable. Listeners appreciate Hussey’s authentic, friendly demeanor and how he freely shares his knowledge to help others. Growers who have been cultivating for years value the thought-provoking, science-based discussions and the respectful way Hussey questions long-standing conventions. 

Listen to Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast

Must-Listen Episodes:

Jeff Lowenfels explains Mycorrhizal Fungi, Compost Teas

Do Not Buy Ladybugs For Your Garden with Dr. JP Michaud

Rating: 18+ (Explicit)

#4 – Grow Bud Yourself

Grow Bud Yourself Podcast

Formerly the Free Weed podcast from High Times, Grow Bud Yourself is a brand new show that teaches people how to… grow their own weed! The hosts, Danny Danko and Mike Gianakos are both former editors at High Times, legal weed activists, and cultivation experts. While there is currently only one episode of Grow Bud Yourself live, listeners can still access all of the Free Weed episodes hosted by Danko and Gianakos. The show is applicable to rookie growers and master cultivators alike, as it explores practical growing tips, news across the cannabis industry, and interviews with expert cultivators and seed breeders.

The Hosts: Danny Danko and Mike Gianakos were both long-time editors at High Times magazine. As former Senior Cultivation Editor, Danko was responsible for personally selecting the winning strains for the magazine’s ‘Top 10’ awards. Former Editor-in-Chief, Gianakos was responsible for all online and in-print content, and so has a firm pulse on the cultural, social, and political aspects of the marijuana industry. 

The Guests: In the first episode of Grow Bud Yourself, Danko and Gianakos invite Kyle Kushman to the show. A writer, activist, educator, and award-winning grower and plant breeder, Kushman is best known for his organic growing and his method for creating extracts from cannabis flowers. The hosts plan to invite regular guests to the show in the future, all with the goal of providing actionable advice to the home grower. 

Why You Have To Listen: The goal of the show is to create a community of Grow Bud Yourself listeners. They invite listeners to provide feedback, submit questions, and be involved in the direction and evolution of the show. Launched during the current COVID-19 pandemic, Grow Bud Yourself encourages listeners to experience the liberating act of growing their own weed (and food!). They plan to explore how to get started simply, even in an apartment, and how becoming self-sustainable is a smart move in today’s environment. 

Listen to Grow Bud Yourself

Must-Listen Episodes:

Grow Bud Yourself Episode 1 

Rating: 18+ (Explicit)

#5 – The Adam Dunn Show

The Adam Dunn Show

The Adam Dunn Show is a weekly show featuring cannabis icon, Adam Dunn. The show covers all things weed, from political, business, and financial news, to history and trends, and cultural issues and impacts surrounding the underground and legal marijuana industry. The varied guests bring extensive knowledge about cultivation, strains, medical marijuana, cannabis law, and much more. A new series on the show, The Reconscious Medical Hour, explores the connection of plant medicine and mental health. 

The Host: Adam Dunn was immersed in the cannabis scene from a young age, and after time spent working at the Hash Museum in Amsterdam, he created Cannabis in Amsterdam (C.I.A), which became the epicenter for growers and enthusiasts. He went on to start his seed company, T.H.Seeds, where some of the world’s most popular strands were developed, including S.A.G.E., Bubblegum, Chocolate Chunk, and Heavy Duty Fruity. 

The Guests: The show features a wide range of guests, including regular appearances by Dr. Mark, The Cannabis Psychiatrist, as well as growers and cultivators, representatives from cannabis retail solutions and grow room technologies, authors, fellow podcasters and content contributors to cannabis media outlets, along with many others. 

Why You Have To Listen: Listeners appreciate Dunn’s deep knowledge of the industry and expertise with seed banks, strains, breeding, and cultivating. Long-time and rookie growers alike come away with actionable advice, and Dunn’s conversational interview style coaxes insightful commentary from guests and draws in listeners for the long haul.

Listen to The Adam Dunn Show

Must-Listen Episodes:

Pre – Quar – 20 Edition!

The Man, The Myth The Legend Behind Jerome Baker Designs W Jason Harris

Meeting Of The Minds – Adam Eidinger & David Bronner

Rating: 18+ (Explicit)

#6 – CannaInsider

CannaInsider Podcast

The CannaInsider is a podcast about weed specifically for people in the legal marijuana business. Growers, dispensaries, manufacturers, and marketing, legal and activist professionals all tune into the podcast to hear interviews with some of the brightest minds in the cannabis industry. Topics range from business, marketing, and licensing basics, to tips for financing, manufacturing and pricing strategies, regional trends in the cannabis, hemp, and CBD industry, and even how the current COVID-19 pandemic is expected to impact the market. 

The Host: Matthew Kind hosts the CannaInsider podcast. An entrepreneur, legal marijuana consultant, and world-traveler, Kind has been immersed in the lucrative Colorado cannabis industry since the beginning, and he has insider access to the “movers and shakers” that are making an impact on the market.

The Guests: Each week Kind interviews a leader in the cannabis industry. CEOs and founders of professional services, analytics, logistics, marketing, retail, medical, health and wellness, and many others. The guests share their personal stories, provide tips to get into up-and-coming pockets of the market, and provide insight into the business side of the legal weed scene. 

Why You Have To Listen: Listeners of the CannaInsider say they can’t hear these types of in-depth interviews anywhere else. The wealth of knowledge that Kind and his guests share has helped many newcomers to the cannabis industry start and grow their business. Kind’s voice is easy on the ears, and his expert interview strategy and insightful questions draw incredibly valuable information from guests. Even listeners who are just getting into the industry will be able to follow the conversation and learn something new in each episode. 

Listen to CannaInsider

Must-Listen Episodes:

Cannabis After COVID – 7 Ways The Cannabis Industry Will Change After COVID-19

 Canopy Rivers CEO Reveals the Hottest Segments in Cannabis

Can Craft Cannabis Survive The Big Money Takeover?

Rating: 18+ (Explicit)

#7 – Vote Pro Pot

Vote Pro Pot Podcast

A different breed of podcasts about weed, Vote Pro Pot serves to dispel some of the most common and “downright untrue” beliefs surrounding our country’s relationship with marijuana. Through science-based and medical research, we now know that marijuana is not an addictive, psychotropic substance devoid of medical benefits. We know that “pot smokers” are some of the most productive and contributing members of society. And fortunately, the country’s stalwart activists have worked tirelessly to make our states’ governments realize these truths on the road to legal reform and decriminalization. That’s what listeners will hear about on Vote Pro Pot. 

The Hosts: Andrew Makrides, Jay Britton, Phil Adams co-host Vote Pro Pot. Bandmates and friends since high school, the trio considers themselves “amateur experts” in cannabis. Their goal is to educate listeners around the politics, policy, and cultural issues of cannabis so that they can make informed voting decisions about candidates and cannabis laws in upcoming elections.

The Guests: The co-hosts usually carry the show, but they occasionally invite guests on the show, such as Jenn Michelle Pedini of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws who talks about legal reform currently happening in Virginia. In another episode, journalist, researcher, consultant, and FL Medical Cannabis Patient with MS, Heather Allman joins the show to share her personal experience and expertise about medical marijuana.

Why You Have To Listen: Listeners appreciate the fact-based, unbiased approach the hosts take to presenting sometimes controversial topics in their podcasts about weed. The hosts’ energy level is just right, delivering informative and educational content in a casual and entertaining manner while balancing the hard topics with light, and sometimes hilarious stories. 

Listen to Vote Pro Pot

Virginia NORML’s Jenn Michelle Pedini

Andrew Goes Back in Time, U.S. Grows Great Weed, and More

Do Strains Really Matter, California Governor Signs 8 New Cannabis Laws, and More

Rating: 18+ (Explicit)

#8 – Dude Grows Show

Dude Grows Show Podcast

Wake & Bake, America! The Dude Grows Show is all about growing recreational marijuana. The hosts and guests geek out on the show, swapping stories, sharing tips, and teaching listeners all about cultivating cannabis at home. Topics range from soil mixtures, the trend in using coco coir as a growing medium, nutrients and additives, the importance of microbes, GMO cannabis, growing trends, how to get growing supplies while stuck at home in isolation, and much more. 

The Hosts: The Dude, Scotty Real, and the Grow Guru host the show, and they are all long-time home growers and all-things-weed enthusiasts. They answer listener-submitted questions in the Grow Talk series to help newbie growers improve their home-growing strategies. Listeners appreciate the hosts’ relaxed demeanor, which makes them feel like they’re chilling out with friends and geeking out on growing weed. 

The Guests: The Dude Grows Show occasionally invites guests to drop grow knowledge, including reps from Millenium Nutrients, Gorilla Boost, and Marrone Bio Innovations, as well as fellow growers and subject matter experts in the cannabis industry.

Why You Have To Listen: The Dude Grows Show is a highly-entertaining podcast for anyone who wants to learn more about growing cannabis. The hosts break down the science behind cultivation, making it easy for beginners to understand, while offering practical tips for improving grows. Unlike other podcasts about weed, the Dude Grows Show doesn’t bother trying to keep things PC; they smoke, they grow, they have fun, and they just want to help others do the same. 

Listen to Dude Grows Show

Rating: 18+ (Explicit)

Must-Listen Episodes:

1020 Wake & Bake America

Heavy Metal Testing In Michigan & How Microbes Can Help You Test Clean With Michigan Matt

995 Grow Talk

Rating: 18+

#9 – Weed + Grub

Weed + Grub Podcast

As the name implies, the Weed + Grub podcast dishes on all things pot… and pans! Listeners are taken to the intersection of food, comedy, and cannabis culture, as the hosts Mike and Mary Jane smoke and snack their way through the show. While the show is categorized as a comedy, and it is knee-slapping hilarious at times, the hosts also do a stellar job weaving in industry news about legal reform, trends in strains and products, and interviews with fellow comedians and cannabis culture and entertainment icons and activists (see link below to an interview with beloved hippie rock icon, David Crosby!). 

The Hosts: Mike Glazer is an Emmy-nominated comedian, performer, and writer for HBO, Food Network, TruTV, and more. His performance in BuzzFeed’s series High Guys has more than 400 million views. Mary Jane Gibson is an actor, playwright, and cannabis culture writer, with more than a decade of experience writing for High Times and more recently Rolling Stone and Forbes. 

The Guests: Mike and Mary Jane regularly interview guests on Weed + Grub. Past guests have included Jim Belushi, film director and actor, Alison Darcy, Laganja Estranja from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Christina Wong from Baking with Chickens, Miss Universe Canada, Allyssa Boston, Ron Funches, David Crosby, and multiple CEOs of cannabis companies making waves in the industry. 

Why You Have To Listen: The Weed + Grub podcast is a refreshing detour from the podcasts about weed focused on the politics and science behind the cannabis industry. Mike and Mary Jane are smart, funny, and raunchy – in all the right doses. Listeners appreciate the wildly varied topics, engaging interviews, and the wit and charm that makes it feel like Mike and MJ are just two long-time BFFs crashing your living room (and kitchen!). 

Listen to Weed + Grub

Must-Listen Episodes:

Chill On Get Rich Quick Schemes & Connect the Dots with Cannabis Titan BigMike

Top 10 Fave: Revolution & Harmony with David Crosby 

Napkin Pants & Mommy Mode with Jon Gabrus 

Rating: 18+ (Explicit)

Whether you’re a casual basement grower, a grassroots activist, trying to break into the edibles industry, or you just enjoy getting high and geeking out on all-things-cannabis, there’s a podcast here for you. Check out some of the must-listen episodes from our roundup of 9 smokin’ good podcasts about legal weed, reviewed by Vurbl!

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