Hipsters, Monsters, & Apps, Oh My! Bubble Podcast Review

Bubble Podcast

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Bubble is a scripted podcast from Maximum Fun that tells the story of Fairhaven, a hipster dystopia that exists under a corporate-controlled dome where poisonous alien monsters from the outside “Brush” terrorize residents. There’s a sick music scene, so many dog parks, hip cocktail, and craft beer bars, and really long lines at all the food trucks. Rent is sky-high, and residents are obsessed with book clubs, the latest health cleanse, being more “present,”  vaping, brunch, and documentaries. 

It tells the story of a group of friends hustling to make ends meet in a gig economy. The story follows Morgan, a monster hunter who grew up in the Brush, Annie, her Craigslist roommate who makes drugs out of monster blood, Van, a fellow monster hunter who live-streams his hunts, and Mitch, who was poisoned by a monster and now has “The Sting” and can communicate with the Brush aliens. The gang is forced to use the latest corporate-controlled app “Huntr” to track and kill monsters in exchange for the government’s silence about their little narcotic side hustle. 

It’s, like, the coolest and strangest story ever. 

The Host: There is no host on the show. Each episode of Bubble jumps right into the next chapter of the story. The show is created and written by Jordan Morris, a writer, comedy performer, and broadcaster. Morris is also the co-host of the popular Jordan, Jesse, Go! podcast on Maximum Fun, and is currently a comedy performer and producer on  Fuel TV’s The Daily Habit.  

The Guests: Each character in Bubble is performed by an actor: Alison Becker as Morgan, Eliza Skinner as Annie, Mike Mitchell as Mitch, Cristela Alonzo as Bonnie, Keith Powell as Van, and Tavi Gevinson is the Narrator of the story.

Why You Have To Listen: Bubble oozes satire as it pokes fun at the stereotypes of a hipster society in an overpriced city (think Portland or Seattle). The characters are quirky and imaginative, and there are no shortage of hilariously cringe-worthy moments. Like the time when Mitch went to the basement of a bar with a group of acquaintances thinking it was a sex party, but it was really just to see a monster. Ouch!

If you like sardonic humor and don’t take yourself too seriously, this podcast is for you. 

Must-Listen Episodes:

Episode 2: Three Stars

Episode 3: The Dark District

Rating: 18+ (Explicit)

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