How to Create & Share Audio Snippets With Vurbl

Has a friend ever recommended an hour long podcast episode, but you didn’t have the time to listen to the whole thing? Are you a podcast creator who’s always wanted to make a trailer or highlight reel?

Podcasts sure can be time-consuming and there’s never been an easy way to share the most entertaining or informative clips of an episode.

We certainly feel your pain and wanted to deliver a solution that could make audio sharing, recommendations and playlists much easier. 

Vurbl’s revolutionary new Snippet Feature allows users to seamlessly cut and share short segments of your favorite audio. 

  • Create a trailer or teaser from an amazing moment from your podcast episode to make your podcast go viral.
  • Pull quotes from your favorite interviews or speeches to embed on your website.
  • Clip the most entertaining segment of your podcast and share to any social media platform.
  • And of course add any snippet to a playlist to keep your favorite moments organized.

6 Simple Steps to Create a Podcast Trailer or Audio Highlight with Vurbl’s Snippet Feature.

Discover over 25 Million audio titles, including but not limited to; all your favorite podcasts, thousands of free audiobooks, speeches, guided meditations, interviews, sleep stories, sound effects, bird calls and more.

Once you’ve signed up, creating a snippet is a sinch.

  1. Create an account by clicking here.
  1. Press play on any audio file.
  2. Select the scissors icon on the audio player at the bottom of your screen.
  1. Drag the editor to your preferred start and stop point.
  1. Give your new snippet a unique title and description and click save.

Be specific for your title and provide enough information in the description so others may be able to find your snippet.

  1. Share your snippet to your social channels or embed it on a site you own.

Snippet Example 1:

Snippet Example 2:
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