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Hustlenomics with Katie B is a podcast created to share inspiration and ideas among female entrepreneurs building their own brands and businesses. What is “Hustlenomics”? Implied in the word is the combination of the “hustle” required to create maintain economic stability. Hustling means being on the move to connect and network with potential new clients, but also a sense of hustling and bustling, the busy-ness of business. Entrepreneurs need to do it all, from brand building and marketing to production and distribution, and let’s not forget accounting and legal. And somehow the word “hustlenomics” makes it all seem like fun, whether it’s a side-hustle or a full-time business. 

The Host: Katie B is a creative entrepreneur who has taken her passion for photography, writing, and design to build her own business supporting others. She offers clients marketing and brand strategy as well as social media and virtual assistant services but also shares what she’s learned as courses and on her podcast. In talking about brand building and business with other female entrepreneurs, she encourages and inspires other women on their journey. She’ll even help you create your own podcast!

The Guests:  Her guests reflect her interests and focus on creative entrepreneurship–female entrepreneurs who have followed their passions to create businesses and brands. Hustlenomics guests include photographers and florists, marketers, jewelers, and event planners, but also lawyers and corporate leaders, techies, and data lovers. Some are moms, some are working on a degree, some love to travel, and want to work remotely, but all of them want to create a more sustainable and supportive way of doing business.

Why You Have To Listen: Hearing stories of those that have taken your chosen path before you can help avoid pitfalls. Listening to women share their struggles and successes helps prepare listeners and support them with examples, ideas, and strategies to make it through the tough stuff to celebrate wins. There are also episodes dedicated to supporting female entrepreneurs as a whole person, addressing emotional and spiritual aspects and family and home life concerns, along with dreams and aspirations. 

Must Listen Episodes

22: How To Harness Your Resourcefulness As An Entrepreneur

61: Connecting The Dots Between Your Judgement, Your Values, And Your Behavior

83: Creating a Highly Profitable Business That You Love While Working 2 Hours a Day

Rating: 18+

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About the author


Malayna likes ideas and sharing them, with the hope of inspiring positive action. She is passionate about nature and creativity and holds special places in her heart for Joseph Campbell and historical fiction.


Her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies with an emphasis on Radio, TV and Film from Cal State Northridge included an extended internship at the World Famous KROQ working with the morning show, and another in music publishing for TV and Film.

Work History

An L.A. native, she started working in the entertainment industry as a kid, as part of a singing group that did radio, TV and movies. She grew up to work in print media, television marketing and then TV production before focusing on writing. These days she’s a freelance digital media consultant (which means she mostly connects online in whatever ways she can!).