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Care to guess what the I, Podius podcast is all about? Well, for starters, it’s a recap of the BBC miniseries I, Claudius, and it features hosts Elliott Kalan and John Hodgman. The show, I, Claudius is about the Roman Empire, and it stars powerhouse actors like Patrick Stewart, George Baker, Derek Jacobi, and Patricia Quinn. The show has also received high honors from TIME Magazine, BBC America, and The Daily Telegraph for its compelling plot and acting. It also bears some similarities to Game of Thrones and House of Cards, so if you’re a fan of those types of shows, then you’re going to love this review-based podcast that dives into every single episode from the show.

The Hosts: Elliott Kalan is kind of a big deal in the entertainment news world. He’s been the head writer for Mystery Science Theater 3000 and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and helped to write Earth: The Book. He’s also written several comics for Marvel and is currently the host of The Flop House, a podcast about terrible movies. Now let’s turn our attention to John Hodgman, host of Judge John Hodgman. The man writes, acts, and tells jokes for a living, and he’s appeared on Married, Bored to Death, and The Knick. He was also once described as The Daily Show’s “deranged millionaire.”

The Guests: There are no guests on the I, Podius podcast, but don’t let that stop you from listening to these hosts and their hilarious banter.

Why You Have to Listen: This Maximum Fun-produced podcast is obviously free to listen to, but if the hosts were charging a pretty penny for it, you would definitely get your money’s worth with each hour and a half episode. The lengthy discussions dive into plot points, character summaries, and a whole lot of spoilers. The hosts are also silly and charming, but they embrace their serious side when discussing some of the more heavy elements of the show. This podcast also contains lots of discussions about sex and murder, so it’s perfect for those who love this kind of stuff.

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Must-Listen Episodes:

Episode 11 “A God in Colchester”

Episode 3: “What Shall We Do About Claudius?”

Episode 1: “A Touch of Murder”/”Family Affairs”

Rating: 18+

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