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In Our Time, Now Twenty Years Old

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The world is wide, mysterious, and full of so many interesting facts. Humanity has cultivated through all these dozens of thousands of years a veritable wealth of information and history. In Our Time, a podcast by the BBC, strives to shed some light on some of it.

In Our Time discusses a large variety of topics such as the Northern Lights, the Epic of Gilgamesh, and bird migration. Each episode brings a new, interesting topic to the table! You will get almost one hour of informative, educational content, carefully curated by the BBC, and delivered right to you.

The Host: This podcast has existed for a very long time – the first episode was released on radio on October 15th, 1998. The host has been the same right from the first program: Melvyn Bragg. Versatile, professional, and knowing how and when to ask the right questions to keep the ball rolling, Mr. Bragg has a soothing voice very fitting for a radio show.

During all the years this radio show has existed, he has talked and invited guests to cover all sorts of topics, meaning he has discussed philosophy, religion, science, and arts. With him, you will always learn something new!

The Guests: Given the variety of topics and how specialized they can get, guests are brought for each episode to enlighten the listener and explore the theme of the podcast. These guests know very well what they’re talking about and are recognized names in their fields. More often than not they are professors at important universities and colleges, and you can be certain the BBC carefully curates and chooses the guests they bring to this informative podcast. You can trust every word the guests say are the result of an intense passion in their fields.

Sometimes you may even stop what you’re doing so you can focus better on what the guests say – and depending on the topic, their explanations and arguments can get a little too heavy for casual listening or for background noise.

If you’re always eager to learn something new or deepen your knowledge about a topic, you can be certain Mr. Bragg and all the guests won’t disappoint you.

Highlight: In Our Time has existed for a few decades by now, meaning there’s a large number of episodes to listen to – around 896 episodes so far! Finding the best ones in their archives can be a difficult task, which is why there are lists of ‘Best Of’ that will lead you to particularly interesting episodes.

Some intriguing highlights include the in-depth look at Harriet Martineau’s life, the discussion about the Epic of Gilgamesh and its importance in literature, and the fun and detailed arguments about the Muses.

Must-Listen Episodes

Godel’s Incompleteness Theorems

P v NP


Rating: Teen+

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