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Jordan, Jesse, Go! Podcast

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Jordan, Jesse, Go! is a comedy podcast from Maximum Fun network’s very own founder, Jesse Thorn, and his long-time comedic sidekick, Jordan Morris. The podcast has been on the air since 2007, and there are more than 600 episodes in the archives to binge. The show has virtually no format aside from Jessie and Jordan dishing with a guest for an hour or more, and yet the nonsensical chat draws hundreds of thousands of listeners every week, and has been named one of the best comedy podcasts by Rolling Stone and an iTunes editor’s choice. 

One ongoing segment of the show called “Momentous Occasions” invites listeners to call the show’s hotline and leave a voicemail about some interesting, terrifying, embarrassing, or otherwise momentous moment in their life. The calls are played on the show and Jordan, Jesse, and guests provide colorful commentary and hilarious speculation about the untold details. 

The Hosts: Jordan Morris and Jesse Thorn co-host the Jordan, Jesse, Go! podcast named after them. The two met in college and co-hosted the original The Sound of Young America, which went on to become NPR’s Bullseye, a podcast about pop culture. Thorn is still the host of the wildly popular podcast, which airs on NPR stations around the US. Thorn is also the host of The Turnaround with Jesse Thorn and co-host of Judge John Hodgeman. Morris is a comedian and performer, and writer/creator for the scripted comedy podcast, Bubble. The duo created the Jordan, Jesse, Go! podcat in 2007 because they missed hosting together, and fans agree that their synergy and off-the-wall humor is undeniably infectious.

The Guests: Jordan and Jesse invite a variety of celebrity guests on the show, including actors, comedians, authors, screenwriters and producers, and fellow podcasters. Guests have included Jimmy Pardo, Eliza Skinner, Stuart Wellington, Ken Jennings, Liz Feldman, Paula Poundstone, Helen Hong, Guy Branum, Sarah Morgan, Andy Richter, and hundreds of others!

Why You Have To Listen: Even diehard fans, called “Tuppies” can’t really put their finger on why this podcast is so good. In almost every other case of stream-of-consciousness podcasts, the (lack of) format is an utter flop. But thousands upon thousands of listeners can’t get enough JJGO. Every week you’re sure to be delighted, whether by silly improv, vulgar NSFW talk, and cringe-worthy moments; or, lighthearted, uplifting, and endearing narratives. You never really know what you’re going to get, which is part of what makes it so addictive!  

Must-Listen Episodes:

Episode 584: Bing Bang Boo with Liz Feldman

Episode 11: Worst Jobs Ever with Jen Kirkman

Rating: 18+ (Explicit)

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