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Judge John Hodgman: Podcast Review


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How should a tiny box of Tic Tacs be split between two people? What’s the best way to dilute a cup of coffee (and is that even legal)? And is there even a need for paper dollar bills anymore? These are some of the questions that are answered on the Judge John Hodgman podcast, which is hosted by John Hodgman and Jesse Thorn. Together, they discuss thought-provoking ideas that most people would find “polarizing.” Sometimes they do this in front of a live audience, but most of the time, they sit in a studio to talk about anything and everything.

The Hosts: The man himself is a certified judge who loves to settle debates, like whether or not people should apologize to pets. He’s also an actor who has appeared on The Knick, Married, and Bored to Death. And if that’s not enough, John is an acclaimed writer and comedian who has made many people laugh with his Netflix special Ragnarok. He hosts this podcast with Jesse Thorn, who collaborates on Jordan, Jesse, Go!, The Turnaround, and Bullseye. Jesse is also a voice-over actor, public speaker, and San Francisco native who currently lives in Los Angeles.

The Guests: While there are a few guests on this podcast, the majority of the episodes have a shining focus on Jesse Thorn and John Hodgman.

Why You Have to Listen: Most of the episodes are centered around cases that are brought in by “real” people. Some of these may seem trivial, like whether or not a family should wear matching t-shirts while out on vacation. But others revolve around major debates and arguments between a husband and wife (actually, most of them are like that). So think of this as one of those Judge Judy courtroom shows, but in an entertaining podcast form! There are also around 300 episodes, and each one is roughly 1-hour in length. So whether you think burgers should be eaten with a knife and fork or you believe that headphones should never be worn while sleeping, Judge John Hodgman is here to put these cases to rest once and for all.

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Must-Listen Episodes:

Episode 437: Stick and Move and No New Butterfinger

Episode 465: Licorice Adjacent Flavor

Episode 455: The Magic of Leap Year

Rating: Teen+

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