Keith and the Girl: Podcast Review

Keith And The Girl

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For nearly 15 years, Keith and the Girl has been going strong with multiple episodes released weekly. This comedy podcast has it all: from comedy interviews with the famous and infamous comedians to deep talk about the absurdities of current events. On top of the hilarity, you will probably also get just as much info from Keith and the Girl as you would listening to our Top 10 Entertainment News Podcasts, including gossip from celebrity interviews. In addition, this show is one of the most lauded and respected comedy podcasts in history and it’s easy to see why after listening to only a few episodes.

The Host(s):

Chemda and Keith Malley are exes whose breakup was possibly one of the best things ever to happen to either of them. This past history gives Keith and the Girl a realness and chemistry that comes through in every show. The pair aren’t afraid to talk about any subject in their celebrity interviews, so you should go into this comedy podcast with a very open mind. Chemda’s Israeli heritage and singing career combined with Keith’s upbringing in an extremely religious household make for added texture.

The Guests:

With the sheer number of episodes and content now available in their comedy interview library, Keith and Chemda’s show is a veritable who’s who of the comedy world. They have welcomed everyone from Jim Norton to Marc Maron and even Gilbert Godfried. The one-two punch of versatile and interesting hosts and a litany of fun guests makes Keith and the Girl irresistible listening.


With such a roster of talent behind and in front of the mic, it can be hard to pick out one special episode. However, KATG 3219: Just Married w/ Casey James Salengo and Courtney Maginnis definitely takes the show to new heights. Chemda and Keith have a grand time talking with fellow comedians and newlyweds Courtney Maginnis and James Salengo.

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Must-Listen Episodes:

KATG 3190: Triggered w/ Adam Brown

KATG 3208: Feeble Minds w/ Bianca Brady and Andrea Allan

KATG 3246: Weird but Not True w/ Kyle Thompson and Laura Regan

Rating: Teen +

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