Kermode on Film: Podcast Review

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Long-term movie critic Mark Kermode offers his thoughts on a range of movie topics in Kermode on Film. The podcast sometimes consists of interviews with film professionals, other times a friendly debate with fellow critic Jack Howard, and is occasionally a solo discussion. Whatever the format, Kermode always offers insight and food for thought.

The Host: One of Britain’s foremost movie critics, Kermode possesses an exhaustive knowledge of cinema, old and new. He has lent his expertise to print, TV, film and radio, and now does so for podcasts, picking apart film with a learned and critical eye. He makes for a perceptive and lively interviewer, and contrasts delightfully with his younger counterpart, Howard.

The Guests: Guests have included vital contemporary directors such as Noah Bambauch and Rian Johnson, but also legends of cinema such as William Friedkin. Kermode also brings less well-known names and roles to the fore.

Highlight: A highlight of the podcast is a spirited debate between Kermode and Howard concerning the quality of the Pirates of the Carribean film franchise. Howard contends that the first is a fantastic action-comedy film, while Kermode condemns every entry, deriding even Johnny Depp’s Academy Award Nominated turn as Captain Jack Sparrow.

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Rating: 18+

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