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Kid Nuz: Podcast Review

Kid Nuz is daily news for kids! Created by four award-winning broadcast journalists, Kid Nuz is a fun, informative, relatable, and age-appropriate platform for kid-friendly news. A new episode airs every day, and topics cover everything from political news for kids, business news, and COVID-19, to entertainment, the arts, sports, space news, and cultural trends (#stressbaking anyone?). The show also features random fun facts and trivia from around the world (bet you’ve never heard of a “Zonkey!”). Each show ends with a birthday shoutout and teacher salute, and parents and teachers are encouraged to submit their info on the podcast’s website.

Each episode featuring current events for kids is just six minutes long, and there is a short quiz after to check comprehension. If this sounds like school, it’s anything but! Your children will listen intently and might start a lively competition with siblings to see who can answer first!

The Host: Kid Nuz was created by four award-winning broadcast journalists. Stephanie Kelmar, founder and editor; Ro Thomas Schwarz, cofounder and editor-in-chief; and the two “voices” that kids will hear on the air everyday: Tori Campbell, cofounder and anchor; and Kim Hunter, editor and anchor. Campbell and Hunter are clearly veteran broadcasters with their clear, smooth voices. But what differentiates them from other news shows is their warmth and kid-friendly delivery, which makes them more relatable and appealing to children. 

The Guests: There are no guests on this podcast.

Why You Have To Listen: While news reporting should be factual and unbiased, adults know that is rarely the case. Kid Nuz is different. The goal of the show is to provide current news for kids using facts, not opinion or fear, to keep children positive, curious, and asking meaningful questions. The mix of political news for kids is balanced with uplifting stories and fun facts. The varied topics keep the show moving and keeps children’s attention so that they’re genuinely looking forward to the next episode. 

Listen Here: Kid Nuz

Must Listen Episodes:  

Last Hurrah for the Handshake, Bernie Balks, NBA’s Horse, Space Hugs, Logo Backlash, #stressbaking and Curry Calls!

Drone Dogwalker, Space Slap, TP Calculator, GOAT Ad, Olympic Pressure and an A Cappella Answer!

Hideous Hamburger, Disney Dresses, Back On Track, Judge’s Judgment and A Firefall Flames Out!

Rating: All Ages

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