“Less judging and more laughing!” One Bad Mother: Podcast Review

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One Bad Mother Podcast

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The One Bad Mother podcast from the Maximum Fun network is a comedy show about parenting and motherhood. The show shines the light on the ups, downs, and the downright embarrassment of motherhood, as it strives for “less judging and more laughing.” With more than 300 episodes in the archives and still going through quarantine (complete with interrupting children!), no topic is off-limits, including sex, Santa, boredom, craft fails, lunch fails, mitten fails, homework fails… so, so many parenting fails. Recently they tackle talking to kids about tough topics, such as racism, death, viruses, gender identity, and mental health. 

The Hosts: Theresa Thorn and Biz Ellis co-host One Bad Mother. Thorn is the Director of Operations at Maximum Fun network and wife of the founder and award-winning podcast host, Jesse Thorn. Ellis is the author of You’re Doing a Great Job!: 100 Ways You’re Winning at Parenting. Together, the duo is just doing their best at this thing called parenting and hoping to help a few fellow mamas laugh

The Guests: The hosts regularly invite guests on the show, including authors Anastasia Higginbotham and Bess Kalb, fellow podcasters Renee Colvert and Scotty Iseri, and many experts in their field such as Angela Siefer, the Executive Director of the National Digital Inclusion Alliance. So while the show may indeed be funny, listeners also learn a thing or two from some really talented and intelligent people. 

Why You Have To Listen: Biz and Theresa are as REAL as it gets. They say the stuff all mothers are thinking but are too afraid to say. They talk tough topics in an open, honest, and frank way with a healthy dose of humor and laughter. If you’re a mama and you’re having a bad day, reliving a cringe-worthy parenting moment, are struggling with a specific problem, or you just want to commiserate with a couple really funny mamas, this podcast is for you! 

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Rating: 18+ (Explicit)

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