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Mission to Zyxx

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Part of what makes science fiction beautiful is that it’s a genre full of possibilities and potential – and those stories that take place in space even more so. Outer space is infinite, with countless planets, stars, and spaceships. There’s no ‘standard’ set since there’s always room for something new and different. So what will Mission to Zyxx carve for themselves in the wide, almost overwhelming sci-fi genre? You’ll find out now in this review!

The Hosts: This is a show with seven hosts, six of them playing their roles as characters in the show, and the seventh working as the sound engineer that unites all the content to turn it into the content you’ll enjoy. Now, this is what you’d call a recurrent cast!

The hosts are Alden Ford, Jeremy Bent, Allie Kokesh, Moujan Zolfaghari, Seth Lind, Winston Noel, and Shane O’Connell. Every single one of them is great at their job – these actors are veteran comedians and improvisers, taking part in renowned groups, writing for known websites, or appearing in TV shows. Mr. O’Connell has worked on projects for many artists and several years of experience directing audiobooks, too. This means the team behind Mission to Zyxx is very, very competent, and know how to keep the ball rolling. You can’t go wrong with a team like this one!

The Guests: One of Mission to Zyxx’s points of interest is that they often invite comedians to take part in this show. The guest will play the role of an inhabitant of the Zyxx Quadrant who encounters the crew, and of course, shenanigans ensue. Recent guests include Branson Reese, Chrissy Shackleford, Oscar Montoya, Ryan Karels, and Becky Chicoine – and those are just some of their recent guests, past episodes have many more names.

The guest always manages to keep up the pace! Sometimes you even will feel like the guest has always been part of the group from just how well they mesh with the rest. Mission to Zyxx is an opportunity to show their skills, and the guests always deliver – not an easy task at all!

Why You Have to Listen: With sci-fi being one of the genres this podcast aligns with, you could say comedy is the second genre it uses – the sci-fi elements provide a setting and form the characters’ backstories and lives while the comedy encompasses the experiences each episode is about. This is a podcast that tries to make you have fun listening to them, thanks to their wit! Every episode shows a different situation, ripe with potential. 

Just to give you an example: the most recent episode’s summary is listed as “The crew encounters a small problem while retrieving a load of political pamphlets. AJ follows orders. Bargie takes five. Dar throws down.” All the episodes are similarly structured: there’s a simple core concept or action and there are the characters’ reactions and thoughts about said situation. The dialogue and the character’s interactions are where it all shines, though, and it’s all thanks to one of the draws of the podcast: improvisation. Pleck Decksetter’s drive is really memorable, and Allie Kokesh’s interpretation of Dar is simply wonderful – and those are just two of the podcast’s many noteworthy points. Giving too many details would go into spoiler territory – and frankly, putting it into words wouldn’t do it justice. We encourage you to listen to it all yourself!

After a recording session, Shane O’Connell takes the content and assembles it all into a half-hour episode, adding sound effects and ensuring there’s a cohesive structure that’s easy to follow. Mr. O’Connell is very competent at his job; his skills polish it all into the excellent, high-quality result this podcast is so known for.

Currently, there are 87 broadcasts, including unrelated episodes such as announcements of future seasons. The content is divided by seasons; they’re currently in the fourth season. It’s recommended you start from the first episode and enjoy the hours upon hours of content available to you: each episode ranges from half an hour to one hour, meaning it’ll be a while until you’re done listening to all the episodes released so far. Enjoy!

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Rating: Teen+

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