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The Mobycast podcast is a show that invites listeners to explore the world of technology that the best cloud-native software teams inhabit every day. Once the hosts present the concept of the week, they dive deep into it as they encourage listeners to expand their knowledge of software that might serve more than the specific needs of their industry.

The Hosts: There are two hosts of this technology podcast, Jon Christensen “The Facilitator” and Chris Hickman “The Expert,” while Gus the Sleeping Dog lies nearby. While Gus has nothing to say, Jon and Chris have the experience and the knowledge to provide useful information, valuable for anyone who makes use of this technology.

These two brilliant minds work for Kelsus Inc., which bills itself as “your startup technical cofounder and engineering team.” Who better than these two experienced engineers to teach you all the details about the technology they talk about in each episode? Discover the finer details of software development, AWS, and distributed systems, and enjoy the guidance of hosts that are both knowledgeable and willing to give you all the information you need.

Why You Have to Listen: Technology and software can be difficult to understand sometimes, especially if you don’t have much knowledge about this field of work. All kinds of software exist, suited for all kinds of businesses and niches, but unless you take a good look at the documentation and have knowledge about IT, you may not be able to understand the ever-increasing number of cloud applications as well as you should — but that’s nothing that cannot be solved!

Thankfully, podcasts like Mobycast exist. You’ll have a better understanding of software, hosting, and IT, and you’ll be able to use that knowledge in your work with your company. Mobycast specializes in cloud technology, a topic they discuss often. If your business uses cloud technology, you’re likely to get some rather useful information here!

The length of the episodes ranges quite a bit. The shorter episodes are around twenty minutes long, while the longest episodes are more than an hour long. So far there are 111 episodes. Recently there have been replays of past episodes, but you can count when the chance arises, new episodes will be broadcasted!

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Must-Listen Episodes:

Service-to-Service Authentication for Microservice APIs 

VPC Ninja – Part 1 – Private Subnets with VPN 

Transitioning Legacy Applications to Docker

Rating: +18

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