Moonbase Theta, Out: Podcast Review

moonbase theta out
Moonbase Theta, Out

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If you are a fan of science fiction podcasts that combine wit with creativity, we think you will love Moonbase Theta, Out. Taking place in 2098, this series follows the final days of a crew on the last moonbase to be decommissioned when the program’s corporate overlords determine it to be unprofitable. While most crew members are in stasis, five people remain awake to keep things running until all are retrieved to be taken back to Earth. This science-fiction podcast starts with listeners hearing messages broadcast Moon to Earth but becomes so much more as it progresses.

Cast & Crew: D.J. Silvis and Cass McPhee are the co-producers of this dramatic science fiction podcast series. They lean on the talents of a stellar cast of voice performers to convey a wide array of emotion during their reminiscences about the moonbase program, their personal lives, and the universe. The cast includes Leeman Kessler as Roger Bragado-Fischer, Cass McPhee as Michell L’Anglois, Jen Ponton as Tumnus, Elissa Park as Nessa Cheong, Tina Daniels as Wilder, Tau Zaman as Ashwini Ray, and Gabriel Taneko as Alexandre Bragado-Fischer.

Format: Launched in late 2018, the Moonbase Theta, Out podcast so far has two seasons. The first season covers the last 20 days before the base in finally shut down using the daily reports of the base’s communications officer. Season two covers the same time period, but from the perspectives of the other four crew members. 

Why You Should Listen: Silvis’ and McPhee’s narrative choice across the two seasons of the Moonbase Theta, Out podcast leads to layers of intrigue and character development that are seldom found in serial fiction podcasts. Season 1 consists of short episodes, so it will be quick going, and then you get to dive deeper into the crew members’ heads with longer episodes in Season 2.

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Rating: 18+

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