Music For Dogs: How To Use Music To Calm Your Dog

Music to calm my dog

Just like humans, dogs have fears in social situations and can need professional help to venture outside their comfort zones and to try new things. Whether your dog is beginning obedience training, going to doggie daycare, or being introduced to the dog park, music therapy can help your dog to step outside its comfort zone when socializing with other pooches.

Just your leaving for work in the morning can trigger separation anxiety in some dogs. Some other reasons dogs can get nervous include fear of going to the vet, a car ride, sudden loud noises such as fireworks, or even being near certain objects or people. Dogs may even have an insomnia problem, especially if they have anxiety issues or are older and have health programs. While concerned owners have looked into using essential oils, hypnotherapy, and music as forms of therapy, music therapy is the most effective in calming their anxious dogs.

Fortunately, help for your pooch is as close as a radio, tablet, phone, or other audio sources. Here are the top eight podcasts and audio playlists which can help your little fur baby to become more confident by using music as a means of therapy.

#1 Canine Lullabies

Canine Lullabies

The top podcast is dedicated entirely on how to use music to calm anxious dogs, Canine Lullabies uses traditional nursery rhymes which feature actual human heartbeat as background rhythm. This heartbeat-based music has been used to calm anxious infants, dogs, and cats for over 35 years.

Canine Lullabies has calmed hundreds of anxious shelter dogs within the short span of two minutes, proving that the music can work wonders on caged dogs which are often rescued dogs with traumatic pasts.

The podcast also offers a custom “Lullabeat Comfort Speaker” which is preloaded with canine lullabies, available at a reasonable price.

Listen to: Canine Lullabies

Must-Listen Episodes

#1 London Bridge

#2 Mary Had a Little Lamb

#3 Old McDonald Had a Farm

#2 Through a Dog’s Ear

Through a Dog's Ear

Through a Dog’s Ear co-founders Joshua Leeds and Lisa Spector use piano and classical music in their adjusted compositions. Leeds, who is a psychoacoustics expert, demonstrates what sets Through a Dog’s Ear apart from other non-adjusted classical music forms of dog therapy.

The company offers therapy music specially made for our four-legged friends which is adjusted to 45,000 Hertz, the optimal hearing frequency for dogs to soothe the dog’s nervous system.

Listen to : Through a Dog’s Ear

Must-Listen Episodes

#1 Bach

#2 Chopin

#3 Schubert

#3 Dog Ease: Music to Relax You and Your Best Friend

Dog Ease

Renowned for cellular-level audio therapy, Dr. Lee R. Bartel created this playlist to calm your nervous pooch by compiling beats that stimulate cells in the pooch’s body and brain. After that, your fur baby’s body will be programmed to reduce the impact of depression, lower blood pressure. and even increase blood flow. Furthermore, this music can also be used for you if you are in need of some calm and relaxation.

Listen to : Dog Ease: Music to Relax You and Your Best Friend

Must Listen Episodes

#1 Inner Peace

#2 Balance

#3 Day Dreaming

#4  A Dog’s Ear : Soothing Music for Dogs With Anxiety

A Dog's Ear

This playlist features soothing piano and orchestra music from various artists such as Redroom, Thematic Pianos, and L’orchestra Numerique. Piano tracks are proven to calm your dog’s nerves especially when left alone for long periods. You can also play this playlist when taking your dog to the pet groomers if your dog tends to be on edge when getting its hair trimmed or nails clipped.

Listen to : A Dog’s Ear : Soothing Music for Dogs With Anxiety

Must-Listen Episodes

#1Canon in D (Soothing Music for Dogs) by Redroom

#2 Homeward Bound (Soothing Music for Dogs) by Thematic Pianos

#3 Sonata No 13, 1st Movement (Soothing Music for Dogs) by The Steelehearts

#5 Music for Pets – Relaxation Songs Dogs and Friends Love While You Are Gone

Music for Pets

Another great playlist for your dog, while you are away, is slow-paced tempo piano music composed by Giuliano Sacchetto and Giordano Trivellato, producers of the Italian dance music production group, Milky.

Listen to: Music for Pets – Relaxation Songs Dogs and Friends Love While You Are Gone

Must-Listen Episodes

#1 – Free Spirit

#2 – Marley & Me

#3 – Relaxed Puppy

#6 Household Music: Soothing & Relaxing Nature Sounds for Dogs, Cats, Kittens & Puppies

Household Music

Bio-acoustic or sounds found in nature for your pets can greatly relax your pooch, making the car ride an easier experience or to help set a conducive sleeping environment. Sounds of birds chirping, wind breezing through tall grass, and rain falling on tin roofs are some of the featured nature-based audio found in this playlist. This audio would be good to play when there are loud fireworks displays near your home.

Listen to Household Music: Soothing & Relaxing Nature Sounds for Dogs, Cats, Kittens & Puppies

Must-Listen Episodes

#1 – Deep Consciousness

#2 – Ancient Memories

#3 – Ocean Wave Soundscapes

#7 Pet Relaxation – Music to Relax Dogs and Encourage Sleep – Fight Against Separation Anxiety

Pet Relaxation

If you are searching for music to calm your fur babies with separation anxiety, this playlist is designed to help your pooch get through the feeling of abandonment from the moment you leave your dog at home. This playlist mostly features light piano music and high-frequency tunes.

Listen to Pet Relaxation – Music to Relax Dogs and Encourage Sleep – Fight Against Separation Anxiety

Must-Listen Episodes

#1 – Hay Fields

#2 – Rainforest Runs

#3 – Soothing Slumber

#8 Dog Daze by Hiroki Sakaguchi

Dog Daze

Electronic music composer Hiroki Sakaguchi adds sounds at “pet-friendly” frequencies only animals can hear to help ease nervous animals. Research shows that low frequencies which may sound like footsteps of other humans or vehicles coming towards these already-anxious animals can invoke a fight-or-flight response in dogs. Eliminating low frequencies is vital to calm stressed dogs and may do wonders to calm down a jumpy, anxious pet.

Listen to  Hiroki Sakaguchi’s Dog Daze

Must-Listen Episodes

#1 Morning Nap Time

#2Rainy Day Dream

#3With My Master

Any of these podcasts can make pet ownership easier by making your pet easier to manage and calm your fears about your dog’s well-being in social situations. Tuning in is a no-cost way to manage anxiety, both yours and your pup’s.

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