NFL Draft Podcasts In Times of Quarantine

NFL Draft Podcasts

The NFL Draft is fast approaching, and it’s a welcome sight with sports on hold at the moment. While the NFL trudges forward with their plans, they’ve left fans at home to bring this classic broadcast to them. If you’re starved for sports, you need to tune in. But if you haven’t been following the NFL Draft up to this point, you’re going to get a bit lost.

That’s where NFL Draft podcasts come in. These are a few of the best NFL Draft podcasts to tune in to and get yourself up to speed. Whether you’re into the story lines, the athleticism, or just the entertainment, there’s a podcast here for you. Here’s what you need to get up to date.

#1 First Draft

First Draft is where you have to begin when you’re discussing NFL Draft podcasts. If you’ve ever seen an NFL Draft, Mel Kiper is likely a familiar name. While their aptitude is sometimes up for debate, First Draft is the most well respected NFL Draft podcast on the air. Everyone who knows football knows what these guys are saying.

The Hosts: With a rotating cast of characters in the background pushing things along, there are two names with some gravitas at the head of First Draft. The first is Mel Kiper Jr, who has become the face for NFL Draft analysts. Having been around since the 80s, Kiper is an insightful listen. His counterpart, Todd McShay, appears to be in the grooming process to takeover as the premiere draft analyst.

The Guests: First Draft features guests infrequently, usually with someone stepping in when Mel has to step out. Guests are frequently journalists and expert analysts who come with a specialty angle to discuss.

Why You Have to Listen: First Draft isn’t always the most accurate draft analysis, but it’s rarely wrong. If there’s something crazy about to happen, First Draft will let you know. And if there isn’t, First Draft will supply the crazy itself. Insightful hot takes are delivered with manic energy on First Draft.

Listen to: First Draft

Must Listen Episodes:

McShay’s First Mock, Burrow’s Rise

Mock Draft 3.0

Post-Combine & NFC South

Rating: All Ages

#2 Locked On NFL Draft

There are 32 teams in the NFL and a Locked On podcast for each one. The power of that network, comprised of journalists for each team, combine to make one of the more exhaustive NFL Draft podcasts: Locked On NFL Draft. Both hosts and their guests show true passion and knowledge of the NFL Draft and analyze to the point of over-analyzing frequently.

The Hosts: Benjamin Solak and Trevor Sikkema host Locked On NFL Draft. Both are Senior Draft Analysts for The Draft Network, a website focused on the NFL Draft. If there aren’t enough uses of “draft” in that sentence, you should know that they are highly intelligent about the NFL draft.

The Guests: Guests come from all over football media, but most frequently from the other Locked On NFL podcasts. The Locked On NFL Draft Guest Mock series sees all of them join to look at the draft from their team’s perspective.

Why You Have to Listen: Are you a sports nerd? Then press “listen.” This is an exhaustive, comprehensive, draconian look at the NFL Draft. One episode of this podcast will leave you with more information than any other condensed media can. If you don’t have the time to watch every college game, let these guys do it for you.

Listen to: Locked On NFL Draft

Must Listen Episodes:

Guest Mock Episode 1

Mock Draft Monday 03/23/2020

The Ultimate Combine Battle

Rating: All Ages

#3 Bootleg Football Podcast

Brett Kollmann is a well known YouTuber, who’s been on the rise since 2016. Known for his sharp ability to break down film and present complex ideas simply, Brett is becoming one of the most beloved analysts in football. It’s not surprising that his podcast, Bootleg Football, would be just as good. If you need NFL Draft podcasts to get you up to speed quickly, start here.

The Hosts: As mentioned previously, Brett Kollmann is one half of Bootleg Football. His modern sensibilities, NFL experience, and love for football bleed through his voice. Beside him is EJ Snyder, another modern/digital analyst with an eye for great players. EJ’s hyper-focus on the draft keeps the show together.

The Guests: Bootleg Football does not feature guests.

Why You Have to Listen: If you’re newer to football or want a relaxed but still intelligent NFL Draft podcast, this is what you need. The show is laid back as both hosts keep a whiskey in their hand. There’s nothing not to love here, as the show talks football in the purest way possible.

Listen to: Bootleg Football

Must Listen Episodes:

Episode 7: “10 Gems” of the 2020 Defensive Draft Class

Episode 3: Combine Recap - Defense

Episode 1: 2020 WR NFL Draft Class

Rating: Teen+

#4 The Mina Kimes Show

Cohosted by a dog, The Mina Kimes Show is starkly different from other entries on the list. Mina is a hilarious and knowledgeable reporter, who thrives in the more laid back approach to this show. This show isn’t about the Xs and Os - but it can get into them. Instead, this show is all about the stories you need to hear.

The Hosts: Mina Kimes is an up and coming sports reporter with many fantastic stories under her belt. Consistently producing some of the most immersive content in sports, Mina deserves all of the fame that she’s been growing. Beyond her touch with stories, Mina also brings a great laugh to the show. Lenny doesn’t add much expertise but is a great cohost and good boy.

The Guests: Mina regularly features other sports writers as guests, usually bouncing back and forth with them on topics in the headlines that week.

Why You Have to Listen: Not everyone cares about full, in-depth break downs, and you won’t find them here. If you’re a more casual fan, Mina will bring you info in a more casual manner. That info won’t be casual, though. Listen for an hour and you’ll smile the whole time, and come out an expert on the NFL Draft.

Listen to: The Mina Kimes Show

Must Listen Episodes:

Just the Tua Us

I Don’t Give a Cam

Surveying the QB…Field

Rating: All Ages

#5 Around the NFL

Want to know what’s going on around the NFL? Listen to Around the NFL. Very simple. With nearly everyone who has ever been associated with the NFL in their network, the Around the NFL hosts are able to bring and break down information astutely. This isn’t strictly an NFL Draft podcast, but it becomes one quickly.

The Hosts: The Around the NFL podcast is hosted by four people: Dan Hanzus, Gregg Rosenthal, Marc Sessler, and Chris Wesseling. With varying exact experiences between them, there’s 1 common thread in that all 4 are current journalists for the NFL. They have direct connections to teams and to the league itself.

The Guests: Unsurprisingly, Around the NFL are able to bring on high-quality guests. Anyone in the NFL-sphere is liable to come on at any moment.

Why You Have to Listen: Around the NFL is one of the best NFL Draft podcasts because it has it’s pulse on the thumb of the league. While the hosts are fans, they’re fans who are very close to the NFL. This lets them provide interesting and nuanced insight while keeping things light.

Listen to: Around the NFL

Must Listen Episodes:

Bunkercast XXIII: Around the AFC in 32 minutes

Bunkercast XIX: Draft Talk with Peter Schrager

Brady to the Bay? & Draft Talk with Matt Money Smith

Rating: Teen+

#6 Move the Sticks

Move the Sticks might be the most vetted NFL Draft podcast on the internet. While it might not be the most exciting listen, it could be the most valuable one. Do you like to feel smarter than your friends? You can achieve that.

The Hosts: The hosts are what make Move the Sticks so great. Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah are sat across from each other here, providing expert insight into the draft. Each come from an NFL scouting background, meaning they are looking at the draft not as professional podcasters, but as professional football viewers.

The Guests: Move the Sticks will frequently have conversations with scouts, players, players families, and anyone else relevant to the NFL Draft process.

Why You Have to Listen: Why must you listen? Move the Sticks offers the most professional insight into what NFL teams are thinking during the draft. With so much scouting experience at the table, there is expertise here you can’t find anywhere else. You might not always agree with what Bucky and Daniel have to say, but you can be sure your favorite teams will. Listening to this podcast will make you a draft expert in no time at all.

Listen to: Move the Sticks

Must Listen Episodes:

Tua Tagavoila 360

Joe Burrow 360

Justin Herbert 360

Rating: All Ages

#7 Draft Dudes

Another podcast brought to you from within The Draft Network, Draft Dudes is one of the more interesting NFL Draft podcasts. While keeping the same sort of deep analytical view as Locked On NFL Draft, Draft Dudes is much more laid back and casual in their approach. The hosts are more personable, making the show more casually palatable.

The Hosts: Joe Marino and Kyle Cribbs are both analysts for The Draft Network, focusing coverage on the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins, respectively. Both bring a youthful energy, although one brings more youth than the other. They are upbeat and excited, while staying intelligent.

The Guests: Draft Dudes does not regularly feature guests.

Why You Have to Listen: Again, this is a podcast that’s informative and entertaining. This one leans towards the informative, often with conversations diving deep into the nuances of the NFL Draft. If you find Locked On a little too locked on, try this one out.

Listen to: Draft Dudes

Must Listen Episodes:

Dueling Mock Drafts

Scouting the 2020 CB Class

Takes on Takes 85

Rating: Teen+

#8 Prospects to Pros

Despite what some podcasts would have you think, the NFL Draft isn’t a preview into the superstars of tomorrow. It’s a preview of the superstars of the day after tomorrow, usually. And while the first round is where most people focus, it isn’t where the talent stops. No one knows that better than Prospects to Pros.

The Hosts: Chris Burke and Dane Brugler are analysts for The Athletic, focusing on the draft (and the Lions for Burke). Both of them have been around the block as draft analysts, and align with The Athletic philosophy: taking a more sophisticated, holistic look at sports. The hosts are intelligent but human, and both very likeable.

The Guests: Other The Athletic analysts will often join Prospects to Pros.

Why You Have to Listen: The first round is fascinating, but not the be-all end-all. As soon as you know who’s likely to be gone after Day 1, turn to Prospects to Pros. They spend some time on those first rounders, but focus on showing how the whole draft will shake out and what lesser known names should be known.

Listen to: Prospects to Pros

Must Listen Episodes:

Brugler’s 2020 Mock Draft 5.0

How Good is This Wide Receiver Class?

2020 Senior Bowl Review

Rating: All Ages

#9 Bleav in the Draft Analysts

The NFL has been around for a long time. The modern NFL doesn’t look anything like the old one. But the game hasn’t changed all that much. Bleav in the Draft Analysts takes a more old-school approach to the NFL Draft. This is the only NFL Draft podcast that will discuss “playing like your hair is on fire.”

The Hosts: Tony Pauline and Chris Tripoldi are both NFL Draft beat writers who have been around for a while. With careers beginning in the 80s, it’s not surprising they bring rambunctious, masculine energy to the table. Tony is particularly enticing, as his gravelly voice feels like a throwback to the harder-hitting days of the NFL.

The Guests: Other beat writers occasionally join Bleav.

Why You Have to Listen: If you miss hard hits and film not lying, then this is the NFL Draft podcast for you. The more old-school, traditional outlook is a reminder of what football is to many. The analysis is still expert, but the angle is very different from other NFL Draft podcasts.

Listen to: Bleav in the Draft Analysts

Must Listen Episodes:

Defensive Top 5s

Offensive Top 5s

NFL Combine Winners

Rating: Teen+

#10 2 for 1 Drafts

2 for 1 Drafts is one of those podcasts you need to know about to understand something. When it comes to NFL Draft podcasts, 2 for 1 Drafts might just be the most controversial. That controversy comes from their unique angle, which is typical of Pro Football Focus, their father company.

The Hosts: Mike Renner and Austin Gayle are cohosts of 2 for 1 Drafts. Depending on your feelings, you might find them a bit abrasive or you might find them lovely. Both hosts are prone to going all in on their opinions and have no fear of making them known. Their money is where their mouth is, though, as both are good at what they do.

The Guests: Other journalists and particularly PFF writers are wont to join 2 for 1 Drafts. Prospective players will sometimes join, as well.

Why You Have to Listen: Pro Football Focus take an analytical, data based approach to football. They aren’t guessing what will happen or making insight, they’re using advanced statistics to predict with great degrees of certainty how the future will play out. With this becoming an increasingly respected philosophy in football, you have to at least give this NFL Draft podcast a chance.

Listen to: 2 for 1 Drafts

Must Listen Episodes:

Best 2020 NFL Draft Prospect at every position + Interviews with Kristian Fulton, Antoine Winfield Jr. and Alex Highsmith

Best prospect team fits on Day 2 of the 2020 NFL Draft + KJ Hamler Interview

2020 NFL Draft Sleepers

Rating: Teen+

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