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Alternative Food Network Podcast

The Alternative Food Network is a website that provides a variety of multi-media resources for people with dietary restrictions, food sensitivities, or those looking for healthy food alternatives. From blogs, recipes, cooking videos (many even submitted by readers!), and of course, a supporting podcast for fans on-the-go, AFN is a comprehensive resource that “fosters a ‘can do’ approach to eating for health and wellness.” 

AFN’s podcast covers a variety of alternative food and health and wellness topics, including the emotional aspects of living with food allergies, planning a dinner party for guests with restrictions, and the connection of inflammation and food. There are several “top 10” episodes about the best foods to eat to increase sex drive, during pregnancy and to boost immunity, as well as shows that focus on the health benefits of cannabis and how to incorporate edibles into a healthy diet. 

Three of AFN’s podcasts are series: Infused: Cannabis & Your Health (hosted by Russell Bennett); Doctors+; and The Plant-Based Diet. These shows provide additional depth and information on specific topics of interest. Each episode of the Doctors+ series features an interview with a doctor who is also trained in Naturopathy, Chinese, or Ayurvedic medicine, and the topics range from immunity and inflammation to food poisoning, gut and brain health, how food affects mood, and even handling dental emergencies during COVID-19. 

The Hosts: Founder of the Alternative Food Network, Esther Garfin hosts the majority of shows. Garfin launched AFN after dealing with her own struggles with food allergies, and later, her child’s allergies. Frustrated with the lack of resources and confusing information, she launched AFN to alleviate the stress around food restrictions and help others find joy in cooking with healthy food alternatives. Garfin categorizes the website’s cooking videos as “edutainment,” as they are meant to be both educating and informative, and the supporting podcasts have a conversational talk radio format as she talks about the latest in medicine, science, and nutrition with experts in their field. 

Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Audrey Sasson hosts several of AFN’s podcasts and is also a guest contributor. There are also a few episodes hosted by AFN’s “JP,” and Canadian actress Tanya Allen leads the discussion about the health benefits of cannabis. The Infused: Cannabis & Your Health series is hosted by Canadian cannabis lawyer, Russell Bennett. 

The Guests: Garfin and the AFN podcast hosts regularly feature guests who are experts in their field. Dr. Audrey Sasson is a regular guest and host on the show, where she discusses the health benefits of food as medicine. The Doctors+ series features interviews with doctors, such as Integrative Psychiatrist Dr. Linda Plowright, MD, and Dr. Esther Konigsberg, MD CCFP (link below to her must-listen interview about the immune system and COVID-19!), and many others. The Infused series also features guests, such as Sarah Gillin, the co-founder of Canadian cannabis edibles producer, Olli, and internationally renowned tea sommelier, Richard Guzauskas.

Why You Have To Listen: The Alternative Food Network podcasts cover a range of topics in health and wellness, which are suitable both for people living with dietary restrictions, and those who simply want to learn more about healthy food alternatives. The conversations between hosts and guests are incredibly informative, offering both in-depth information behind the science of food as medicine, as well as quick and practical tips that can be implemented immediately. Garfin’s passion for supporting people on their alternative food journey is clear, and fans of the show and website appreciate the organized content and easy-to-understand information. 

Listen Here: Alternative Food Network

Must-Listen Episodes:

Foods That Boost Immune System with Dr. E. Konigsberg

The Health Effects of Cannabis

Emotional Side of Food Allergies

Rating: 18+

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