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Disney Music Group’s For Scores podcast provides the inside word on the music of today’s most popular films. Jon Burlingame interviews legendary composers, exploring their work on Disney films, film-scoring in general, and their stories of breaking into the industry. The well-produced podcast intersperses the composers’ words with the music they are discussing, providing an immersive listening experience.

The Host: Burlingame has spent 30 years writing about music, producing countless articles in prestigious publications, writing four books, and lecturing around the world. His knowledge of and passion for the medium shines through in the podcast, as he knows the exact questions to mine gold from his interviewees. Best of all, however, Burlingame spends much of his time simply letting his guests talk.

The Guests: Disney has attracted some of cinema’s most talented composers to their projects, and so Burlingame has the cream of the crop to interview. From The Avengers’ Alan Silvestri and Captain Marvel’s Pinar Toprak, to Logan’s Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders, names both old and new appear to divulge the fascinating anecdotes, illuminating insights and crucial tricks of the trade that shape the soundtracks of our entertainment.

A highlight is Ant-Man and Frozen composer Christophe Beck’s frank recounting of the pitfalls, obstacles, and mistakes that he has encountered throughout his career. Beck relates over-orchestrating a discarded arrangement of Frozen’s iconic “Let it Go,” targeting a far darker and more mature version of Frozen II than Disney would allow, and venturing into experimental electronica for the score of Ant-Man only to be redirected once more. Such honest recounting of mistakes made and lessons learned make for a refreshing listen and are no doubt invaluable for prospective composers

Must Listen Episodes:

Alan Silvestri

Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders

Christophe Beck

Rating: All Ages

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