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Podcasters' Roundtable

No matter how hard we try, it’s unlikely we’ll ever reach a point where a podcast can be considered flawless. Even if to the public it may seem like it’s all fine, there may be issues happening behind the scenes on the host’s end. Podcasters’ Roundtable, broadcasted live, is here to discuss the issues podcast producers and hosts can expect to encounter at some point in their hobby or career and discuss why they happen and how they can be solved! But how useful is this podcast? Let’s find out.

The Hosts: Here we have three hosts: Ray Ortega, Dave Jackson, and Daniel J. Lewis. All three have different websites where podcasters can find resources and help of all kinds – Ray Ortega comes from The Podcasters’ Studio, Daniel J. Lewis from The Audacity to Podcast, and Dave Jackson from The School of Podcasting.

Don’t fear, this podcast isn’t an advertisement for their websites. Podcasters’ Roundtable is all about discussions for the benefit of those podcasters listening – although they indeed will mention their websites when it’s pertinent, their discussions are fair and include all sorts of resources, opinions, and possibilities. You can trust their judgment! 

The Guests: Their way of getting guests is interesting. Usually, the guests are people who have their own opinions and wish to share them, and thanks to the discussion table’s frank and open discussion format, the guest’s opinion and thoughts are welcomed and considered.

On the podcast’s official website there’s a link with more information about being a guest on the show. The requirements include coming up with ideas that will provoke discussion regardless of whether anyone agrees or disagrees with you, so they can slot the potential guest into the round where their opinion will be most fitting. The result is quite good! Every time a guest appears, the discussions gain a new facet.

Why You Have to Listen: You should keep in mind this podcast isn’t a how-to one for getting instructions on starting a podcast from – this is a podcast to make you think and reflect about your own podcast; any actions and measures you take thanks to their discussions depend on your own effort and enthusiasm to implement. You have complete control over the direction your podcast takes! The Podcasters’ Roundtable simply points you the way, it’s up to you if you’ll consider their advice.

What makes this podcast even more noteworthy is that there’s a live chat in which you can give your opinions and questions right away, so if you have any doubts or thoughts, you certainly can raise them and get the answers you seek! Think the advice could be useful for improving or building your podcast, but you’re not certain how to apply it? Or perhaps you’re not sure if the opinions you hear apply to your podcast? The chat is the best way to find out.

Currently there are 144 episodes, each one titled with the topic of discussion. You’ll be able to browse the list and pick the ones you’re interested in. Every episode is more than an hour-long, and in each one it’s likely your attention will be caught by what they say – the hour will pass in no time!

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Must-Listen Episodes:

104: Audio Quality – Good vs Good Enough 

140: Where Are the Subscribers?

PR067: Podcasting Hacks

Rating: Not Rated

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