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podcastification podcast review

Listen to Podcastification and you will learn how to podcastify your podcast! In other words, you may have an idea for a show, or already be in production with episodes to show for it, but Podcastification will help you learn how to podcast at an even higher level. Listening to the advice you get on this podcast will help you fine-tune your production to make the most of best practices to amplify the efforts you are already undertaking. 

Host: Carey Green has built a business around a friend complimenting his ability to help improve audio production and show notes for a podcast. Since then, he’s helped so many new friends and clients so that there are over 40 testimonials on the website for the company, Podcast Fast Track, and the knowledge he shares with and learns from his work with clients are generously shared on the weekly podcast, Podcastification.

Format: With the focus on imparting podcasting wisdom in regular weekly episodes, listeners are likely to enjoy the variety in length – for podcasters, it feels like being given permission to only spend just the right amount of time to convey the message.  On Podcastification, that message is advice on how to podcast, and the best practices to follow as you do. Interviews occur less frequently but tend to be longer, and are with podcasting experts who have had success with monetization, promotion, audio quality, or how to maximize production time.

Why You have to Listen:  Tons of valuable info that you can get for free, shared by Carey Green and his guests, cover all aspects of podcasting.  There are episodes on creating the most engaging podcast title,  the best options for microphones and recording software, scripts and sponsorship, solutions for social media promotion success, how to interview and hacks for recording on the road. If you have a question about any aspect of how to podcast, you are sure to find an answer among the episodes of Podcastification.

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Must Listen Episodes:

123: Podcast Social Media Best-Practices with Elsie Escobar

114: You Just May Go Viral By Repurposing Your Podcast

Rating: All Ages

Podcastification offers podcaster/listeners a wealth of great information about how to podcast successfully in today’s audio-laden world. Each episode offers a deep-dive into an aspect of podcasting you may not have explored yet and offers the guidance to help you incorporate the advice into your production and promotion flow. It’s an education in becoming a terrific podcaster!

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