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Podcasting in Real Life is a podcast series created by Buzzsprout, the podcast hosting service. It’s a great way of cross-promoting podcasts and encouraging beginning podcasters. It’s also a great platform to teach podcasters who are already up-and-running how to improve their production and reach through shared stories of the journey. Each episode is like hearing podcaster journals of their lived experiences, beyond the step-by-steps, and how-tos.   

It began in Dec 2018 and ran weekly until August 2019, with the 49 episodes largely featuring interviews with podcasters on Buzzsprout, along with advice on how to reach specific measures of podcasting success or tackle some of the challenges that podcasters face in the middle of their podcasting process – after they’ve begun but before they’ve reached their highest success goals.    

Host: Travis Albritton is Head of Content at Buzzsprout and hosts more than Podcasting in Real Life. He also does 5 Minute Mondays, which changed its name to become Podcasting Q&A, which is still in production, as well as participating as a co-host on Buzzcast, aimed at the more advanced podcaster. If you want to see Travis’ face, you can check out Buzzsprout’s YouTube Channel.

Guests: Podcasters from all genres who have experiences to share, like Tara Burke of the podcast The Witches Muse, whose audience of modern mystics listen to guests she connected with via Instagram.  Marilyn Ball, the host of Speaking of Travel talks about securing sponsorship deals and broadcasting from professional recording studios. Brad Doyle, from The Quizzical Papist, talks about trivia and his 12-channel soundboard. Ted Fox of With a Side of Knowledge shares how to plan out the most engaging stories to keep listeners glued to their devices as he shares his love of knowledge and encourages intellectual curiosity.

Why You Have to Listen: There are different levels of experience on the podcast journey, so once you’ve completed the first level, it can be challenging to find consistent guidance on the next levels. Podcasting in Real Life really focuses well on that next step, without overwhelming new-ish podcasters with a ton of detail or jargon that can over-complicate. Bite-sized advice episodes and tales from friends on the journey make the learning curve kinder and gentler.

Must-Listen Episodes:

How do transcriptions help people find your podcast?

Tara Burke // The Witches Muse

Rating: All Ages

Podcasting in Real Life is one of the many ways that Buzzsprout encourages all podcasters by sharing information that available to all who want it. Their interviews with podcasters help by connecting us with people who have been there and are willing to share the podcaster’s version of a captain’s log – the audio-filed podcaster journals for audiophiles to inform our journeys.

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