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If you are eager to begin podcasting but feel overwhelmed, or even a little afraid to do it wrong, this is the right podcast for you to listen to.  Podcasting Step by Step takes you gently through the process of how to build your podcast brand. It is like someone kind and gentle is holding your hand as you go! You can learn how to write your podcast copy before ever uttering a word, how to identify the right tools, and how to launch your podcast. 

Host: Sarah Mikutel is an adventurous spirit who travels the world and lives overseas, but still found podcasting a daunting ambition. A big fan of podcasts for years, her passion and vision mobilized her to take her first steps, and then the next ones, into creating a podcast of her own.  Once she felt confident in her first podcast about travel, she realized that she could offer her assistance to others on their podcasting journey, too. An American who lives in England, she finds podcasting a wonderful way to share the freedom of travel and ex-pat living with others who might like to try it themselves.

Guests: Each of the guests are helpful and knowledgeable people, working at places like ConvertKit, helping podcasters with affiliate marketing; or at She Podcasts, helping women’s voices be heard; or creating programs like 60 days to LinkedIn Mastery, which helps connect podcasters with their ideal listeners. There are many more, too, all full of great insights shared with a friendly and conversational approach.

Why You Have to Listen:  Her voice is inviting, she and her guests are knowledgeable, and they offer great information through the podcast and her website. Each episode comes with written information too, and often something you can download to help you as you build your podcast brand. You can learn from the successes and failures of podcasters who have gone before you to make their way. You can also harness the power of partnerships that you might not otherwise have known were even available. It is all delightfully educational and enriching!  

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Rating: Teen+

Although Podcasting Step by Step is aimed at beginners who haven’t begun, it offers oodles of resources and information about next steps, too. Even if you’ve begun speaking and sharing your podcast, you can always improve and refine the podcast copy that you use in your intro and outro, or in promotions and marketing. Sometimes even if you start with a clear idea of your audience and your message, you may find it shifting into something different, so knowing how to build your podcast brand and then tweak it to reflect your podcast’s evolution is very useful.    

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