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Podnews may be just what you need to stay on top of the ever-changing world of podcasting. Something happens every day, and here’s Podnews to shed a light on such events. Still, you may be wondering: is it a worthwhile source of news? Should you spend your valuable time listening to this podcast? Let’s find out.

The Hosts: This podcast is created and directed by Podnews LLC. Their mission, as their website states, is to be a quick, daily update with global news for those involved in podcasting and on-demand audio.

Given that, they’re uniquely qualified to get all the pertinent news. The host delivers the up-to-the-minute news without delay, explaining the context, and making it all straightforward and easy to understand. In other words: Podnews LLC is prepared to bring you the news your need.

The Guests: Due to the format of the podcast, there are no guests over here.

Why You Have to Listen: You could think of this podcast as your best source for bite-sized news about podcasting. It’s the kind of podcast where you can subscribe and receive the episodes whenever they come out. Since all of them are rather short – around five minutes long – you can queue them for later and listen at your leisure.

It’d be a good idea to use this podcast as a way to stay in touch with recent developments, regardless of if you’re new to this medium or have some experience already. After all, having as much information as possible is always a good idea. Podnews LLC gets the news from their connections and other sources, facilitating the flow of information right to you!

As mentioned before, the episodes are just a few minutes long. There currently are hundreds of episodes released, but keep in mind these are news – after a certain point they stop being relevant to present times. They release episodes five days a week, weekends being the only time no news is broadcasted. Subscribing to the podcast to get the news the same day they come out is certainly worth it!

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Must-Listen Episodes:

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Blubrry launches private podcasting tools 

Captivate gains IAB certified compliant stats

Rating: Not Rated

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