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Pop Rocket Review

Pop Rocket looks at pop culture through a different lens. That lens is more academic and journalistic than any other podcast that you’ll listen to. Hosted by a comedian, other regular panelists come from all over the entertainment sphere. Conversations range from music to movies, and they’re all well informed.

The Hosts: The main host of Pop Rocket is Guy Branum, a fairly well-known comedian. Guy has a quick wit and a deep knowledge of pop culture, as well as an academic curiosity. This is often whetted by his cohosts, called panelists. These panelists are Wynter Mitchell, Karen Tongson, and Margaret Wappler who are a writer, English professor, and critic, respectively.

The Guests: Guests on Pop Rocket are just as writer-ly and journalistic as the regular panelists. They might be writers from your favorite TV shows, authors of your favorite novels, a beat writer from your favorite magazine. Beyond writing, it’s not uncommon for other comedians and film producers to come on. Whoever shows up, they come ready for a deep discussion about their favorite bits of pop culture.

Why You Have to Listen: Pop culture is often on the table for podcasts, but usually as a place to aim jokes. Pop Rocket is a nice change of pace, because of its more academic view. Opinions here aren’t played for laughs – not in and of themselves – and are instead derived from true research. There’s more thought put into this podcast than any other pop culture podcast.

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Must-Listen Episodes:

Episode 214: We Marie-Kondo the Oscars with Matt Rogers

Episode 206: Pop Culture Resolutions for 2019

Episode 199: Hip Hop, Pop, and Mental Health with Clarkisha Kent

Rating: Teen+

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