Pub Theology Live: Podcast Review

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The idea behind Pub Theology Live is that people don’t think anything of ordering the drink of their choice when they get together at a pub, so why can’t they do the same with their idea of God, and still enjoy getting together and talking about it?  “Different brews, different views” is the tagline that has been used to promote the gatherings across the country that emulate the podcast.

The Hosts: Bryan Berghoef is the author of the book, Pub Theology: Beer, Conversation, and God who has been facilitating these conversations for over ten years.  He’s also a United Church of Christ pastor based in Michigan.    

Ogun Holder is the author of Rants to Revelations, and a Unity minister based in Massachusetts who has hosted a few of his own podcasts before joining the Pub Theology crew.

Shannon Meacham is a Presbyterian Pastor who kept a blog called Pulpit Shenanigans, with the tagline, “A girl with a curl just trying to make it in this loopy world.” She is based in Maryland.

The Guests: Open-minded ministers, pastors, spiritual leaders, authors and activists who are willing to discuss serious topics with a sense of humor and ability to listen to differing viewpoints.

Must Listen Episodes

PT Live 154: We’re all gonna die!!!! 

PT Live, Ep. 152: Self Care Barbie

PT Live 141: No One Loves Kanye Like Kanye

Rating: 18+

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