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The Reading Glasses podcast is an absolute must-listen-to broadcast for book lovers! Bookworms and podcast lovers will find the podcast a good source on topics such as how to read better, how to get out of a reading slump, and the best reading environment – as well hearing recommendations on the best books. Whether you are into history, fiction, or cookbooks, you will find a strong list of recommendations on the best reading materials out there in this podcast. 

Episodes feature trending topics in the realm of everything literary and beyond. Tuning in, you will learn more about various library systems, alternative author support, book communities in your area, among other literary conversation topics. Discussions on book culture also include how to manage your reading materials to get the best out of your reading experience.

The Hosts: Brea Grant and Mallory O’Meara are literary experts and self-proclaimed “mega-readers.” Grant and O’Meara provide insightful commentary on reading habits, challenges avid readers commonly face, recommended page-turners, as well as interviews with new and upcoming authors. The hosts also share speed reading techniques for listeners looking for tips on how to read better. Grant and O’Meara use hashtag #ReadingGlassesPodcast to host online discussions based on the podcast episodes. Furthermore, the hosts compile and share listeners’ feedback on featured books before providing their take on the selected titles for the episode. 

The Guests: Authors and the hosts of Deadline City Zoraida Cordova and Dhonielle Clayton are some of the featured guests on Reading Glasses. Podcaster Sarah Enni joined the hosts to talk about bookish social media on the episode, “Yelp for Books with Sarah Enni!” Author and NaNoWriMo participant Tom Merritt talked about what the program taught him about writing. For those interested in wizardry and magic, comic writer Ben Blacker shared his favorite books on the subject. 

Why You Must Listen: Reading books and other home-bound activities have been more sought after since half the world’s population went into lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. For those of you who are just beginning to cultivate a reading habit, Reading Glasses is the best place to start. This podcast guides you into being an avid and efficient reader. You will pretty soon be curating your own book collection wishlist! If you are an aspiring author, you’d greatly benefit from the interviews with best-selling authors who talk about their own writing process. 

Listen to: Reading Glasses

Must-listen episodes:

Ep 151 Your Book Doghouse

Ep 147 – An Ice Bath, 72 Eggs and Speed Reading

Ep 102 – How To Talk About Books and Stoya!

Rating: All ages

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