People say everyone has a story to tell. Perhaps that’s true. What kind of stories do people have? Will they be interesting? What are they about? Usually, all these stories are a mystery unless you look in the right places. This podcast, RISK! is one of the best places to look.

“True tales boldly told.” That’s the motto of RISK! You will find it’s rather accurate – and the guests’ bravery isn’t the only thing bold here. The tales themselves catch your attention and make you follow them down to the very last word. Are you curious about what kind of stories are in this podcast? There’s only one way to find out. Get comfortable and enjoy what RISK! has in store for you.

The Hosts: Kevin Allison has plenty of experience making people have fun. His comedic career started in a show on MTV, catapulting him into a career that turned him into a known name in the world of comedy. In 2009, after finding out people liked to listen to real stories he lived, he decided to start a way to connect more with his audience and make them feel. That was how RISK! was born. Even the title itself hints its origin: how he considered telling the audience real stories that happened to him was a risky endeavor.

Turns out the risk paid off. What started as a leap of faith grew and turned not only into a podcast but also into a school dedicated to teaching people how to turn their experiences into self-expression. Now Kevin Allison uses this podcast to show people a new side of his guests, always having a frank, encouraging disposition towards those who decide to join him and talk. His skills as a podcast host are excellent! 

The Guests: The guests are quite varied, not limited to comedians like Mr. Allison. You will find people from all walks of life, telling incredible stories that are 100% true. They’re not limited exclusively to famous or known people, but everyday people can pitch their stories through the podcast’s website. The stories are curated and chosen, and then broadcasted in an episode of RISK!

The best part is that every guest can be relatable in some way. Perhaps you’ll find yourself thinking about what you would have done, or you may sympathize with their mindset and what they thought. If you’re particularly daring, you may feel the desire to pitch your own true story and appear in a live show or a recorded episode.

Why You Have to Listen: Every person is like a world of their own. They have lives you may not even be able to imagine; life experiences you may not have the chance to have. RISK! offers a glimpse into each of these small worlds. In a way, RISK! is people-watching in podcast form.

The format is as follows: after the RISK! theme song you will find stories, with songs interspersed between them. When there’s no song you will find an interstitial story, usually not listed in the description of the episode. If you’d like to see the titles of the stories and songs, as well as links to each guest’s website or social network profile, check the episode on the website. 

In iTunes, you will find 300 episodes, but on the website, you will find 1128 episodes, and that’s without including the story repeats. With this much content created since the year 2009, RISK! always has something new and interesting for you. These 11 years are full of tales you will enjoy.

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Rating: +18

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