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Have you ever heard of this teeny-tiny show called The Simpsons? If so, then you’re going to love this Simpsons-adjacent podcast known as Round Springfield. Join Allie and Julia as they sit down with some of the cast and crew members behind this beloved show (and yes, that includes the voice of Lisa Simpson, staff writers, and directors)! They not only talk about failed plots and their favorite episodes but what they’ve sacrificed to become successful. Show business isn’t easy, and with the Round Springfield podcast, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at what made this show so special.

The Hosts: Julia Prescott is an established writer who loves everything about The Simpsons. She’s the author of Basic Algebra I: Algebra for Basic Bitches and her work has appeared in productions by Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, VICE, and Disney. And if that’s not enough, Julia is also a sharp comedian who has performed at the Cape Fear Comedy Fest, among many others. Allie Goertz is proud of her brief appearance on Arrested Development and currently works as an editor for MAD Magazine. She also loves music, pop culture, and comedy festivals. In terms of their personality, Julia and Allie are both energetic, enthusiastic, and a joy to listen to!

The Guests: Longtime Simpsons fans will love to listen to guests like Mike Price, Mike Reiss, Maurice LaMarche, and Bill Oakley. And if they don’t ring a bell, just know that they are voice actors and writers from the show! 

Why You Have to Listen: Where to begin? Well for starters, you’ll hear about tips and tricks from some of the staff writers, funny stories from some of the Simpsons cast, and iconic moments from the show. But the hosts also talk about other interesting topics like cults, movies, fast food reviews, and flesh-eating horses. Oh, and if you love food, then you’re going to crave appetizing discussions about Simpsons-related recipes, like the “nacho hat” and the “whale of a wife cake” (and yes, you can actually make them)! So in short: it’s not just a Simpsons podcast. It’s a show that balances out important life lessons, humor, and world events, all in the town of Springfield.

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Must-Listen Episodes:

Episode 170: Homer the Vigilante with Casey Boyd

Simpsons Writer Tim Long

Episode 191: Team Homer with Laurel Randolph

Rating: Teen+

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