Sci-Fi on the Fly: Civilized Podcast Review

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Do you love space travel, hostile planets, and dark humor? If your answer is a resounding “yes,” then you’re going to love the hilarious charm of the Civilized podcast. So here’s the basic premise of this fiction-based podcast: after a space crew crash-lands on a mysterious planet (following the brink of humanity’s extinction), they must work together to survive and find a way back to their original fleet. Oh, and did we mention that each episode is improvised (meaning, the voice actors make up the story as they go)? You can only imagine where this science fiction story is about to go…

The Hosts: Since this is a comedy-fiction podcast, there isn’t really a “host” per se. Rather, each episode is led by a team of improvisers, although producers Sean Howard and Eli McIlveen deserve credit for bringing this podcast to life (science fiction life, that is)! So let’s talk about some of the main improvisers. First, there’s Kristi Boulton, who plays Beatrix. Kristi loves to write, play Dungeons and Dragons, and participate in acting productions in Canada. Mbula Enobong, who plays the Captain, is also a Canadian actress who loves to sing and dance (especially in a karaoke setting). Finally, there’s Michael Divinski, who portrays Bartholomew. He’s in charge of several escape room games, but he also loves to act during his free time in Canada.

The Guests: There are a few special guests on the Civilized podcast, some of which include Dan Lovley, Lee Smart, Scott Thompson, and Katie Kotulak (they are all professional improvisers). 

Why You Have to Listen: Fiction-based podcasts are quite popular these days, but how many can you name that combine the words “improvisation” and “science fiction?” Well, whatever number you’re thinking of, add a “1” to that list, because the Civilized podcast is everything you want out of a space travel adventure. The episodes feel like a mix of The Martian, Prometheus, and Firefly, but with a much shorter run time. In fact, each one is roughly 15 minutes in length, which is perfect for those who want a short, but intriguing science fiction story. The actors and improvisers also play off each other wonderfully, and they all carry the narrative in a seamless manner.

Listen to Civilized 

Must-Listen Episodes:

108: Sacrifice

Forgotten Echoes: Games

201: Underground

Rating: Teen+

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