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Shades Of Content Podcast

Shades Of Content is a brand new podcast from the owner of CAMPspace, a content creator studio serving women creators in the Washington, DC area. The studio gives creative women of color (CWOC) and influencers a professional, affordable space to create their content through video and photoshoots, recordings and podcasts, and exhibition space for artists. The goal of the Shades Of Content podcast is to bring awareness to the influence that women of color have on the creative world. In each episode, the host and owner of CAMPspace, Patrice Cameau interviews a different woman creator, and invites her to share her journey and inspire fellow CWOCs. The ladies’ real-world experiences and actionable advice teaches aspiring women creators how to create compelling content that tells their stories to the masses.

The Host: Patrice Cameau is the creator and host of Shades Of Content, and the owner of CAMPspace, a content creator studio and coworking space in the DC area. Cameau has a background in public relations and built her portfolio consulting for small businesses and nonprofits. She also owns a talent management and brand company that manages creators, entertainers, and athletes. While she works with these amazing creative women of color on a daily basis, she wanted the podcast to be a platform where they could share their journey, inspire others, and get the credit they deserve.

The Guests: Cameau plans to interview a range of women creators, including artists, social media influencers, photographers, videographers, TV producers, and other female influencers who create content to effect change and impact the masses. 

Why You Have To Listen: In the Why Shades Of Content Exists episode, Cameau delves into what drove her to create the podcast. She shares that the unfortunate reality is that creative women of color often are not as visible as their white counterparts. Her vision is that the podcast will be used to highlight these women, bring awareness to women of color and their contribution to the creative space, and hopefully inspire women listening to create their own incredible content. While new episodes are temporarily on hold due to COVID-19, we have a feeling Cameau and the creative women of color she works with will have some amazing things in store for listeners when they return.

Listen Here: Shades Of Content

Must Listen Episodes:  

Why Shades Of Content Exists

*BONUS* The COVID-19: Tips for being productive content creators during a pandemic

The Mental: LaVondra Shinholster

Rating: 18+

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