She’ll Love You - Podcasts to Recommend to Your Mother

Suggesting podcasts your mom might like are a great way to show your mother that you’re mature enough to see her as a whole person, with ambitions that go beyond taking care of others. If you’re old enough to be recommending podcasts to your own mother, it is likely that she isn’t busy with babies or little ones underfoot right now, and has the mental space to expand her horizons and explore other interests. She may not even have identified what those interests might be, with her focus on family and all the work that comes with it for so long.

Parenting is a real juggling act, which does help one develop skills that can be assets in areas like executive leadership, or non-profit management. Beyond cooking and home décor, it involves managing schedules and resources, navigating social issues, and then balancing it with teaching and love and marriage. Being a parent can also channel a woman’s creativity into practical concerns, but once the kids are grown, your mom may be looking for hobbies to offer new expressions for her innate creativity. 

By recommending one or all of these podcasts to her, you are presenting her with perhaps a new way to connect with information and inspiration that can enable her to have the full life you know she deserves. She may not currently be a businesswoman, a relationship expert, a fitness guru, a creative maven or a cultural leader, but she could be if she chose to do so.  These podcasts were selected for their information on topics that affect all the facets of women, from female health to mental well-being to self-actualization, and for their personal warmth and clear messages and great production and packing with resources. Most have light-hearted if not comedic approaches to motherhood and family, so no matter her age, your mom can relax and enjoy some nostalgia, alternative insights and even hearing about some risqué behavior, because, as you know,  just because she’s a mom, it doesn’t mean she’s a saint!

1. 2 Moms On the Couch

“On the couch” is a great image that implies sitting and having a leisurely chat with a friend, but also a visit to the psychiatrist’s couch. It’s really a perfect description of the 2 Moms on the Couch podcast, since both have psychological insights to offer while discussing all aspects of being a mom.  Especially resonant for those who live in New York City, it’s relatable no matter where you live. 

The Hosts: Amy Veltman & Dr. Dana Dorfman are the hosts – one’s a psychotherapist, and the other is married to one but also has a career in comedy (which is also about studying how people respond to life, isn’t it?).

The Guests:  Who needs guests when these two really have great expertise to draw from that is down-to-earth, funny, and also can get deep-touching on personal experience? The show also exhibits a real understanding of the mental and emotional landscape they lead us across

Why You Have to Listen:  Their series on the seven deadly sins translated for modern life over several episodes is fascinating. For example, Sloth is not interpreted as laziness, but as procrastination. And Wrath is about dealing with our anger. They also bookend the series beginning with a look at shame and ending with perfectionism – it’s quite a spectrum of emotional pressure points!

Listen to 2 Moms On the Couch

Must listen episodes:  

Friendship for Grown-ups – BFFs and Boundaries

Raising Confident Safer Kids in the Age of #METOO

Why Other Generations are So Annoying!

Rating: 18+

2. Lead with Love

You know how, at least in movies, men are always saying stuff like, “it’s not personal, it’s business”?  Jadah Sellner’s approach in Lead with Love is much more feminine, in that it’s all life, so there is no real separation – we can do it all with love. 

The Host: Jadah (pronounced like “Prada” or “nada”) Sellner has started a few businesses, but the one that got her a mention in Oprah’s O Magazine was Simple Green Smoothies, which she built into an online community. 

Guests:  Business owners and community leaders, both male and female, who are connecting online and providing their clients and communities with more than simply products are guests on this show. Because of these connections, they are succeeding in business and life and are willing to share! Examples include Pat Flynn, who has garnered over 50 million downloads with his Smart Passive Income podcast, or Alexandra Jimenez, founder of Travel Fashion Girl, who has over a million visitors daily to her blog.  

Why You Have to Listen: You’ll feel like you’ve been invited by a friend to a high-powered meeting of mentors who want to make the world better by being their best selves. And they want the same for you!

Listen to Lead with Love

Must listen episodes:

“Think Disruptively” with Miki Agrawal

“Exploring Identity, Privilege and Power” with Trudi LeBron

“How to Have Hard Conversations, Lean Into Conflict & Reframe Criticism” with Lynne Hurdle

Rating: 18+

3. Her Rules Radio

Her Rules Radio is an inspiring and upbeat podcast with a focus on women doing things their way.  Some are moms and some are not, and though the focus is on feminine power, not all guests are women.  It is well-produced and is a real celebration of life and business and creativity, even in the face of challenge. She shows us it is possible to rise again after a difficult life experience.

The Host:  Alexandra Jamieson was the co-producer and co-star of the film Super Size Me, became a vegan chef, and experienced profound and painful life changes that led her to seek deeper guidance to help herself and her son. Her desire to touch lives led her to teach and coach people, connecting body, mind, and spirit, with a special focus on overcoming shame and imposter syndrome.

The Guests:  Women who are authors, filmmakers, and business owners who have used creativity and self-care to address serious life challenges like infertility or suicide, as well as inspiring comebacks are the guests.   

Why You Have to Listen:  Acknowledging the pain in Alexandra’s life’s journey and examining it with a focus on self-care, creativity, friends and experts is wonderful, but then she offers an extra does of hope when she shares the triumphs that have come on the other side of the whole-person healing and celebration she embraces.

Listen to Her Rules Radio

Must Listen Episodes:

237: Dark Night Of The Soul with Liyana Silver

198: Getting to Hell Yes

244: Sage & Elm Apothecary: A Plant-Based Approach to Self-Care with Krystle Robinson-Hershey

Rating: 18+

4. Mompreneurs In Heels

For moms who are clear that they want to start an online business and are ready to begin, Mompreneurs In Heels offers information, support, ideas and tools to help you get there. 

The Host: Demetria Zinga learned through trial and error while homeschooling her daughters and being a Navy wife. She has found that learning from the experience of others helped her navigate a lot, like a map that gets you close to your destination. But she has also learned that business, like life, is always changing, so she helps listeners and followers identify the passion within them that will guide them the rest of the way. 

The Guests: Women who have been there and found their path to success, like Nellie Alkalp, Founder and CEO of CorpNet or Urbana Chappa, fashion designer and celebrity stylist, are guests.  But often, Demetria simply shares practical how-to steps from her own experience.

Why You Have to Listen:  Her voice is clear, authoritative and friendly, and is very nicely recorded as well! The episodes where she shares her own expertise are the best and most abundant.

Listen at Mompreneurs In Heels

Must listen episodes:

046: 5 Ways to Set Yourself Up as an Expert

039: What Makes a Successful YouTube Channel

043: Why you should quit undercharging in your business

Rating: 18+

5. MILF: Moms I’d Like to Follow

Former model and actress turned writer and coach  Jennifer Tracy harnesses the pop-culture label (look it up if you don’t know!) and turns it into something positive for women.  Moms I’d Like to Follow leans on the idea of social media following, as it puts the focus on women’s stories, especially around motherhood, at the center of it all.

The Host:  Jennifer Tracy is a writer and a writing coach who wants to help tell women’s stories. In her website bio, she poetically says, “The rich, complex and sometimes messy lives we lead as women allow us to birth remarkable experiences and stories, and these stories are what heal and connect us to one another.”  She wants to support mothers in becoming their most audacious selves.

The Guests:  All kinds of awesome women turn up as guests — fashion moguls and those who run charity organizations, women who broach subjects of sexuality, who are artists and comedians and change-makers…and even celebrities like Jenna Elfman, Mindy Sterling, and Cobie Smulders.

Why You Have to Listen:  She interviewed her son once, and in later episodes shared the emotions around his ADHD diagnosis. On the other end of the spectrum, she interviewed a cammer (someone who sells sexual views via webcam for money).  She also welcomed her own OBGYN onto the show!  Jennifer’s magic is that she treats every guest like they have that same kind of deep, personal connection so that they can get to the heart of every topic.

Listen at Moms I’d Like to Follow

Must listen episodes:

Everlasting Hope with Lara MacGregor – Episode 84

Burn Bright, Shine Forever with Anna Lovind – Episode 66

It’s Okay to Be Messy with Rebekah Borucki – Episode 65

Rating: 18+

6. Spawned

Spawned is a comedy podcast hosted and produced by two accomplished women who have built careers sharing important and relevant information for moms and other humans.  Together, they started Cool Mom Picks, a blog about their recommendations to help moms be cooler and happier. 

The Hosts:  Kristen Chase is the author of the book The Mominatrix Guide to Sex and has been featured on many media outlets as an expert in parenting culture.  Liz Gumbinner has advertising and anthology writing experience with an interest in social justice and culture.

The Guests:  Mostly experts, often guests are also authors, like the parenting humorist James Breakwell, or Peggie Ornstein who wrote Boys & Sex. 

Why You Have to Listen:  Meeting every challenge with humor, as well as good information and resources, is really key to staying sane as a parent.  But their conversations are fun and interesting, even if you don’t need that specific information.  They also end every show with their Cool Picks of the Week.

Listen to Spawned

Must listen episodes:

How to save your children’s lives from real threats. Like werewolves. And woolly mammoths. | Spawned ep 184

Who can be called a single mom? | Rachel Sklar, Spawned ep. 168

Can we please stop freaking out about kids and social media? : How to raise responsible digital kids | Spawned Ep 170

Rating: 18+

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