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What does it mean to be Canadian? Well in the So…You’re Canadian with Dave Hill podcast, Dave Hill attempts to answer this question by interviewing real-life Canadians. His fascination with the country comes from his grandfather Clarence Blake, and Dave has made it his mission to learn everything he can about maple syrup, poutine, and curling. So join Dave and his Canadian buddies as they explore the cultures within Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and other exciting places!

The Host: Dave Hill prides himself on always smelling fantastic, and for playing guitar like a true pro. But he takes his work seriously, as he’s a radio show host, author, and a fan of the acting craft. You might have seen him on the hilarious The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and The Jim Gaffigan Show, or you might have heard of his books, Parking the Moose and Dave Hill Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. Or, perhaps you’ve heard of his bands, Valley Lodge and Painted Doll, which specialize in power pop and garage rock, respectively. Point is, Dave has done it all, and he will continue exploring all that life has to offer, both in his podcast and in his personal endeavors.

The Guests: Past guests have included comedian Ron James, singer-songwriter Damhnait Doyle, and actor/writer Brent Butt. So basically, Dave will talk to anyone who knows a thing or two about Canada.

Why You Have to Listen: Can you ace a Canadian trivia quiz? Well no matter what your answer is, this podcast is perfect for Canadian natives or “newbies” alike. There’s a casual and educational vibe to this show, and listeners will love learning about Canada’s past, present, and likely future. Several notable publications have also shed a spotlight on this podcast, including the likes of New York Magazine, The Guardian UK, Wall Street Journal, and Time Out New York. In fact, just look at this brief and insightful review by NRK Norway: “F@#king awesome!” So with all of that being said, we’d like to ask you: how do you correctly pronounce “poutine?” Would you ever try bottled moose? And what’s the Quebec Independence Referendum all about anyway? Well, it’s time to find out more with the So…You’re Canadian podcast!

Listen to So…You’re Canadian with Dave Hill

Must-Listen Episodes:

Episode 2: K. Trevor Wilson

Episode 19: Nick Flanagan Returns

Episode 5: Danko Jones

Rating: Teen+

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