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Stop Podcasting Yourself Podcast

Maximum Fun network’s Stop Podcasting Yourself is a weekly Canadian comedy podcast that’s been going strong since 2008. Considered a pioneer in the “comedy chat” format, the show features conversations between comedians every Monday. With the exception of the getting to know you intros for the guest comedian, and a segment called “Overheard,” there’s no real predictability to the show. Even so, listeners can’t get enough, and the show has won multiple Canadian Comedy Awards for Best Podcast/Best Audio Show or Series! Part of the “Overheard” segment is dishing on ridiculous stuff the comedians have overheard or overseen in the past week. Listeners are also invited to call or email in their own “Overheards” to be featured on the show. 

The Hosts: Graham Clark and Dave Shumka co-host Stop Podcasting Yourself. Clark is an accomplished Canadian comedian and regularly appears on CBC’s The Debaters. He was a co-host and writer of City TV’s The CityNews List and has been nominated for several Canadian Comedy Awards. Shumka is a standup comedian in Canada and has performed at the Halifax Comedy Festival, Vancouver Comedy Festival, and on XM Radio. 

The Guests: Stop Podcasting Yourself features a different comedy interview every week. Past guests have included Ian Boothby, Ennis Esmer, Becky Johnson, Rory Scovel, Scott Thompson, Baron Vaughn, Brent Butt, and many others! 

Why You Have To Listen: Despite the show having little format, Clark and Shumka do a fantastic job keeping the conversation going and listeners engaged. They have an easy rapport and a relatable sense of humor. They can be goofy and raunchy and charming all at once. Listeners liken it to having a silly conversation with good friends where you can’t stop laughing!

Must-Listen Episodes:

Episode 594: Sophie Buddle

Episode 550: Brent Butt

Rating: 18+ (Explicit)

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