Story Break Podcast Review

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Story Break Review

Ever wondered what it was like in the writer’s room of your favorite TV show? Story Break lets you be that fly on that particular wall. It’s a simple concept that makes for brilliant content, creating one of the most entertaining podcasts on the internet. This is a perfect listen for chilling at home.

The Hosts: Three friends come together to make this podcast happen. Those friends are Freddie, Matt, and Will, and they all work in film. Matt has a background in production at Disney interactive and also joins the Dungeons & Dads podcast. He joins Freddie and Will at RocketJump, a TV production company. RocketJump is perhaps best known for Video Game High School, a TV show currently found on Netflix.

The Format: The way Story Break works is very simple. Someone brings a topic to the table, and then the three come together to form a pitch. The show will usually start with a combined recap of the topic, followed by a first pitch. Then, the three will go back and forth on pitches of how to take the topic and make it content. The rest of the show develops whatever the best pitch is.

Why You Have to Listen: Writing is often a solitary ordeal, but when it opens up it becomes something greater. Three expert storytellers in a writer’s room will always bring frantic energy. From a viewer’s perspective, that energy is a ton of fun. Combining that with their legitimate background, this podcast answers plenty of questions for those of us who don’t work in film production.

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Must-Listen Episodes:

Animal Crossing | #127

Heaven Heist – Sc. 18: A Cooking Anime

Episode 124: Superman

Rating: Teen+

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Eric Turner is a writer and digital marketer with a lot of ideas and no clue. Eric is obsessed with storytelling in any and all of it's forms, from high literature to abstract art to pro wrestling. Eric has been featured in The Guardian and enjoys working with people from all around the globe.


Eric studied Business Administration at the SUNY University at Albany, with intentions to enter law school. When it became apparent that law school wasn't for him, Eric had to scramble and ended up here. Eric has yet to graduate after taking some time off but intends to return to SUNY Albany to finish his degree in 2020 (or maybe 2021, all things considered.)

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Eric began his career in 2016 writing narrative non-fiction for Popularium, and grew from there into writing content for businesses. He's written for many companies on many subjects, and took those skills to a career in digital marketing. Eric was the community manager of (now Lustre.AI) and marketing lead for app Mixtape. Eric continues to write, most relevantly about podcasts and other enticing audio for Vurbl.