Vurbl’s Searching For Awesome Audio Moments — Submit Yours Now!

Do you have awesome audio moments or podcast highlights that you think should go viral? Send ’em to us!

Our curation team is ready to review and promote the wildest, weirdest, and most surprising audio moments and podcast highlights made by our community of audio creators. We’re talking things like:

  • Laugh-out-loud excerpts
  • Heartfelt interview moments
  • Mic drops of major wisdom
  • Podcast highlights
  • Spontaneous asides or hilarious outtakes
  • Epic audio production or background sound fails
  • A sound so hypnotic that we’re in a trance!

But those are just a few examples. We know that all audio creators have an inventory of stellar moments in your episodes, back catalogue, or even audio memos on your phone. Your podcast highlights or audio clips don’t have to be new, just amazing.

Do you have an audio moment you’d like to submit?

Use Vurbl’s Snippet Tool to clip out your awesome audio clips or podcast highlights.

Use Vurbl's Snippet Tool to create podcast highlights or audio clips.

If you’re a podcast creator, be sure to check whether we’ve already uploaded your content via RSS by searching for the name of your podcast on Vurbl. If we have, claim your station. Then, create a snippet of your selected audio moment within one of the episodes in your station.

If your content is not already on Vurbl, create your account and navigate to the “Upload Audio” link in the left sidebar. Or you can always contact us for help getting your RSS feed or Youtube content onto Vurbl. Once uploaded, your content is ready to be snipped!

Once you’ve made your snippet, use our Vurbl Snippet Submission Form to send it to us.

It’s that easy!

Great audio moments and podcast highlights deserve great promotion.

If your snippet is selected for promotion by our curation team, here’s what you can expect:

  • Personalized optimization suggestions from Vurbl’s curation experts
  • Promotion on and within Vurbl’s new iOS app
  • Distribution through Vurbl branded playlists, social media, and email marketing
  • Consideration by our partnership team for promotion by partners and ambassadors
  • A chance to win the title of “Viral Audio Moment of the Year”!

Although there is no limit to submissions, this direct line to our curation team won’t last long.

Don’t wait — submit your snippet today!

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