Political gaffes and blunders are like mini trinkets of gold — extremely rare in the presence of media savvy politicians. Though, every now and then we are blessed with hilarious mishaps that turn into viral commentary in the form of internet memes, causing permanent stains on politicians’ reputations long after they attempt to clarify their...
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Barack Obama made history when he was elected as the first Black president in the history of the United States. Before he took office in 2008, he ran a campaign on hope for a better future. He was known for his charisma, professionalism mixed with lightheartedness, and being tough when he needed to be. To...
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JFK assassination conspiracy
The assassination of President John F. Kennedy is still one of the great mysteries in American history. Wrapped in the tragedy are a series of unanswered questions that historians and the public alike debate to this day. Was there a second shooter? Was Lee Harvey Oswald responsible? Were there connections to the mafia or the...
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