6 Best Audio Bible Sites to Connect with God

best audio bible sites

When I was a kid, one of my favorite things was listening to my dad read the Bible. Listening to the Bible helped me connect to God’s Word more than I could just reading on my own. Luckily, there are plenty of resources that allow me to listen to the Bible at home or on the go. These are six of the best audio Bible sites I have found that have helped me continue my walk with God. 

1. BibleGateway

BibleGateway launched in 1993 and over the years has amassed 225 versions of the Bible in 73 different languages. There are currently 35 audio versions in 14 different languages on BibleGateway and the site also feature a few audio devotionals you can listen to for free (with some banner ads). There are also two apps; the Bible Gateway App and the Bible Audio App.

What helps me the most in my walk with God is the The Bible Gateway App. It acts as the mobile version of the site and allows you to listen to scripture on the go. You can also share what you have found with friends, take notes and highlight verses, and set reminders.

While the free version offers plenty of ways to listen to both the Bible and devotionals, you can also upgrade your account to Bible Gateway Plus. With Bible Gateway Plus you will get less ads and it unlocks more devotionals and Bible studies. It also allows you to download your favorite audio version of the Bible so you don’t have to rely on wifi or a mobile signal, and it features other books that are not available through a free account. 

2. Bible.com

Bible.com (also known as YouVersion) along with its Bible app are both an online Bible and a mobile Bible. According to the website there are 2,027 versions of the Bible in 1,375 languages with around 60 audio Bibles. They also have Bible plans for every kind of topic you are looking to research or to help strengthen your faith.

While listening on the site is simple, the audio option is next to the chapter and version of the Bible you may be looking to listen to, the Bible app is what I tend to use the most. The app allows you to listen to the Bible while also allowing you to share what you are listening to, take notes, and bookmark where you were. It also allows you to access the same Bible plans on the site as well as connect with friends so you can share in your experience and grow your faith together.

3. Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread is a site that focuses on daily devotionals. While the site does not include audio options, it is their Our Daily Bread app that allows you to listen to your devotional.

It is nice having a daily devotional to listen to in the morning, that is when I like to set my reminder. You can also share what you listened to that day through your email and social media, bookmark your favorite readings, publicly comment, and download monthly or daily devotionals for offline access.

I have found The Our Daily Bread app to be a great way to listen to a devotional and help me spend time with God daily. 

4. WordProject

WordProject wants to get the Word of God to as many people as possible. They started in 1997 and first focused on converting the Bible to Chinese, but now they have translated the Bible into 74 different languages.

You can easily listen to the Bible in your preferred language on the site or through their WP app. As an open and royalty free project, you can download the Bible for free in the language you want and listen to it anywhere. The app also allows you to download the audio version of the Bible so you can listen offline.

What I really find to be the great thing about the WordProject is if you are looking to compare the translated versions of The Bible the site allows you to compare different languages side by side and you can listen along with either audio Bible you wish to. What I hope to use this part of their website is to learn Bible verses in different languages.

5. Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible is a comprehensive Bible resource. It has a searchable Bible, commentaries, encyclopedias and dictionaries, maps, outlines, courses, devotionals, and other theological resources. 

The audio commentaries are what drew me to the site. Blue Letter Bible has commentaries from 48 different presenters and you can either just go straight the commentary section and select who you would like to listen to or you can search for a verse select commentaries and all the different audio commentaries will be available to listen to. 

It is an audio experience that not a lot of sites offer and for me it really helps when somebody can break down a verse or a passage and help me understand the importance of God’s Word.

6. SermonIndex

SermonIndex is an archive of sermons from early texts to recent audio and video sermons. It allows you to download the sermons as an mp3 and take them with you. 

For me, it is helpful that you can choose to search the audio sermons by speaker, topic, scripture, or their SermonIndex.net Classics Podcast. I like to search by scripture because this allows me to pick the book, chapter, and verse I happen to be studying and it pulls up all related sermons to what I selected. 

All you have to do is right click the sermon you want, save it, and I drag into iTunes, sync my phone and I have a sermon to listen to on the way to work. 

I hope you find these audio Bible sites to be as helpful in your walk with the Lord as they have been to me. And if you’re curious about other ways to listen to the Gospel or hear others’ perspectives on the Good Book than maybe you should try a podcast. If you don’t know where to start with podcasts you can always check out these podcast review sites.

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