The 7 Best Personal Finance Podcasts to Keep You on Track

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Dave Ramsey once said, “You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.” Easier said than done, right? That’s because we’re all human, and we all make mistakes when it comes to money. We buy things to make us temporarily feel good. We spend more than we save. And some may face crippling debt for the rest of their lives. But fortunately, there is a solution to all of this, and that’s with our top 7 personal finance podcasts. Whether you need tips on budgeting, investing, real estate, or simply making more money through a side hustle, you’re sure to find a podcast here that will get you back on track. And even if you’re already a pro when it comes to money, there’s always more to learn! So be sure to read (and listen to) one of these entertaining and insightful shows for a better financial future.

#1 This Is Uncomfortable 

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Why is money such an uncomfortable thing to talk about? Well, we may never know the answer, but Reema Khrais aims to shed light on this important topic in the This Is Uncomfortable podcast. She talks about money horror stories, pay equality, and how money can affect those who wish to start a family. So whether you’re in a great place financially, or you need some guidance, this podcast will teach you something new about credit cards and cash.

The Host: Reema Khrais isn’t new in the reporting world. She’s worked for notable companies like CNN, WNYC Radio, NPR, and the North Carolina Public Radio – WUNC. She also loves heating pads and the idea of being a game show presenter.

The Guests: Past guests have included Sam Sanders (host of It’s Been A Minute), Sarah Menendez (product specialist for Marketplace), and Chani Nicholas (an astrologer). But for the most part, Reema likes to sit down and talk with regular people about their monetary failures and success stories. 

Why You Have to Listen: This podcast can be defined as “relatable,” since many of us have endured similar money troubles, such as working like a dog to pay the bills. Some of the more recent episodes also talk about the current COVID-19 pandemic, which makes it relevant for our current time. But if you’re looking for some pretty compelling stories (told by “real” people) about money, then there’s plenty for you to dig through with the This Is Uncomfortable podcast.

Listen to This Is Uncomfortable

Must-Listen Episodes:

Don’t buy your boss a gift

Confessions of a shopaholic

My boyfriend wants to pay my rent

Rating: Teen+

#2 Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

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Most people define passive income as “making money while you sleep.” But the journey to such a dream takes years of hard work, determination, and persistence, and it’s even more difficult if you don’t have a mentor by your side. Fortunately, Pat Flynn is here to make your financial endeavors easier with the Smart Passive Income podcast. In each episode, he sits down with money-making experts to talk about creating a business, finding clients, and so much more.

The Host: Pat Flynn is the author of several books, including Superfans, Will It Fly?, and Let Go. But he’s best known as a self-made entrepreneur who loves to help other people achieve their financial goals. He also hosts several workshops and loves speaking at conferences.

The Guests: You’ll find many notable guests on this podcast, including the likes of best-selling author Ann Handley, copywriting guru Prerna Malik, author Michael Hyatt, and Mighty Networks founder Gina Bianchini.

Why You Have to Listen: Escaping the 9-5 workday to become a self-made entrepreneur isn’t easy, but luckily, there are so many episodes here that are full of financial advice and information (300 episodes to be exact). Some of the topics that are discussed on the Smart Passive Income podcast include copywriting, email marketing, making a six-figure income, developing connections, and affiliate marketing. So basically, there’s something here for everyone. 

Listen to Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

Must-Listen Episodes:

SPI 415: How to Make Money Through Voice-Over Work, with Mike Russell

SPI 425: How to Host a Lower-Priced Workshop That Leads to a Higher-Priced Product, with Rick Mulready

SPI 418: How to Get Super High-Profile Guests, with Jordan Harbinger

Rating: Teen+

#3 Planet Money

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When you hear the word “economy,” what comes to mind? Maybe it’s a dollar bill, past recessions, or the constant cycle of bills we all have to pay. Point is, the economy covers a wide spectrum of areas, but with the Planet Money podcast, you’ll walk away feeling more knowledgeable about how money actually works. 

The Hosts: There are several hosts on this podcast, some of whom are Amanda Aronczyk, Karen Duffin, and Sarah Gonzalez. You’ll hear a different host speak depending on which episode you’re listening to, but they are all charismatic and informative in their own right.

The Guests: Past guests have included doctors, economist Tyler Cowen, and journalist Tom Whitwell, among many others.

Why You Have to Listen: The Planet Money podcast discusses everything about the economy, including its past, present (especially with all the COVID-19 stuff going on), and potential future. It’s eye-opening for economic experts and novices alike, but it also sheds a light on important topics like negative oil, hazard pay, terms of service (in paperwork), and foreign interference. See? Learning about the economy isn’t so boring after all!

Listen to Planet Money

Must-Listen Episodes:

Episode 958: When Reagan Broke the Unions

J. Screwed

Episode 991: Lives Vs. The Economy

Rating: Teen+

#4 You Need A Budget

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Everyone knows that budgeting is important when it comes to saving and investments. But this kind of thing is easier said than done, right? Not so fast, because with the You Need A Budget podcast, Jesse Mecham will be your mentor on all things budgeting and living a debt-free life.

The Host: Jesse is the author of You Need a Budget and studied accounting at Brigham Young University. He currently lives in Utah and enjoys helping people create a realistic budget for their future.

The Guests: There don’t seem to be any guests on the You Need A Budget podcast.

Why You Have to Listen: This podcast has a strong focus on “breaking the paycheck to paycheck cycle,” and many of the episodes talk about 401(k), personal finance apps, and how a slice of cheese correlates to money. It’s perfect for those who need a helping hand when it comes to saving, but financial gurus can also benefit from episodes about credit cards and budgeting during the current pandemic.

Listen to You Need A Budget

Must-Listen Episodes: 

Budget. No, Budget!

Opting Out of the Credit Card Game

Fixing the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle

Rating: Teen+

#5 Real Estate Investing Mastery 

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Some people make money through self-publishing books while others grow a YouTube channel to utilize ad revenue. But in the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast, Joe McCall shows you the benefits of embarking on the real estate route. He talks to lots of housing and marketing experts to figure out the best ways to make money through real estate, as well as starting your very own business.

The Host: Joe McCall received his BS in civil engineering from Iowa State University and his MBA from Saint Louis University before moving on to real estate investing jobs. He is currently the president of Chamberlain Holdings, LLC, and a marketing consultant who helps to coach entrepreneurs. 

The Guests: Joe sits down with business experts like Mike Hambright, Alex Pardo, and Rob Swanson.

Why You Have to Listen: Making money through the pandemic is difficult, but Joe shows you how it can be done through some of his more recent episodes. He also answers questions through Q&A coaching calls and talks about how social media has impacted the real estate market. Other valuable topics include lease options, cold calling, realtor’s contracts, and outsourcing.

Listen to Real Estate Investing Mastery

Must-Listen Episodes:

862: Practical Advice – Things You Can Do Now To Make Money

854: How to Prepare and NOT Panic For The Upcoming Housing Market Crash

850: State Of The Union For Real Estate Investors

Rating: Teen+

#6 BiggerPockets

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The BiggerPockets podcast has a strong focus on the real estate niche, but there are quite a few episodes that touch on retirement, investing, tax hacks, and working less to earn more money. Think of it like a jack-of-all-trades podcast that covers everything around the thing we love most: money. 

The Hosts: Brandon Turner is a real estate expert who currently lives in Washington. He wrote a few books about investing and real estate, including The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down. Josh Durkin hosts the Undeniably Curious podcast but previously worked in the entertainment industry as a casting director and an actor.

The Guests: There are many guests on the BiggerPockets podcast, including real estate experts Tucker Merrihew, Josiah Smelser, and Mike Butler.

Why You Have to Listen: If real estate isn’t your thing, don’t worry, because this podcast covers a lot of ground in the money-making area. In fact, they talk about creativity, developing more focus, and scaling your personal business. Of course, those that are interested in real estate will enjoy the plethora of episodes that cover negotiations, becoming a millionaire, and hiring contractors. Some episodes put the spotlight on “real” people who quit their boring 9-5 jobs in favor of real estate (spoiler alert: they love their new life).

Listen to BiggerPockets

Must-Listen Episodes:

381: 5 Rules for Investing in a Down Market with Tucker Merrihew

330: How to Ditch Distractions and Get WAY More Done with Cal Newport

293: How to Retire Early with Real Estate & Do What Matters More with Chad Carson

Rating: Teen+

#7 The College Investor

college investor promo image

What kind of personal finances podcast article would this be if we didn’t include an option about student loans? We’ve saved the best for last here, and that’s because many people are crushed by the weight of college debt, forbearance plans, and interest rates. But luckily, Robert Farrington from The College Investor podcast is here to save the day, so consider him the guru when it comes to solving your financial troubles. 

The Host: Robert Farrington received both his BA in political science and his MBA in entrepreneurship studies from the University of California – San Diego. Before launching The College Investor podcast, he worked at Target, Presidential Brokerage, and LoanBuddy. 

The Guests: There don’t seem to be any guests on this podcast.

Why You Have to Listen: Paying off student loan debt isn’t some pipe dream after all, because Robert’s got a ton of episodes that cover budgeting, student loan forgiveness plans, stocks, investment options, deferments, 529 plans, and so much more. But he also talks about budgeting during the current pandemic, especially with topics like stimulus checks and taxes. And don’t worry, there’s plenty of money-making episodes for those who aren’t in student loan debt. College students and unemployed workers, rejoice!

Listen to The College Investor

Must-Listen Episodes:

The Complete and Easy Guide to Student Loan Deferments

How to Deal with Student Loan Debt When You’re Unemployed

Unemployment Benefits – What Do You Get?

Rating: Teen+

The world of personal finance is a scary one, but with our top 7 money-making podcasts, you’re sure to find one that will build a better future for you. So whether you’re currently unemployed or you’re trying to get a business off the ground, be sure to listen to one (or all) of these podcasts for a happier you. And with that, we’ll leave you with one final Dave Ramsey quote: “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.”

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