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Some people love their current lifestyle, but wouldn’t it be great to start over completely? Now we’re not talking about reversing time, but rather, faking death and living a new life with a completely different identity. That’s the premise of The Amelia Project podcast, which is a dark comedy fiction story that centers around a top-secret agency. They may give you a new kind of life, but at what costs?

The Hosts: Philip Thorne and Øystein Ulsberg Brager are the creators of this podcast. Philip is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to writing, directing, and magic tricks and he spends most of his time in Paris, France. Øystein lives in Oslo, Norway, and specializes in writing and directing plays. 

The Guests: While there aren’t any “guests” in the traditional sense, we’ll give a brief shout-out to some of the major cast members of The Amelia Project. Julia Morizawa portrays Amelia and has appeared in productions like Masha No Home, Judas Kiss, and Star Trek: Odyssey. Benjamin Noble portrays Haines, and his work has spanned throughout theater, commercial voice-over work, and films. Fans may also recognize him in The Duchess, which won the Academy Award for best costume design. Other notable actors in this show are Gianluca Iumiento, Torgny G. Aanderaa, and Ravdeep Singh Bajwa.

Why You Have to Listen: Fans of mystery stories like Sherlock Holmes will love this fiction-based podcast due to the fun plot twists. The comedy also teeters on the “dark humor” side, so it’s perfect for those who love light-hearted and silly shows. And if that doesn’t convince you, maybe this will: The Amelia Project has won several awards, including two Audio Verse awards in the categories of best new comedic production and best original composition for a new comedic production, among several others. It’s also been a finalist at the Austin Film Festival and the Parsec Awards. But despite the high praise for this podcast, there is one small caveat: you have to pay money if you want to listen to the endings. But if you’re a fan of comedy-mystery podcasts, then don’t let this tiny detail deter you from listening to the fun and exciting Amelia Project series!

Must-Listen Episodes:

The Lockdown Tapes 1: Soap

Episode 20: Cleo

Rating: Teen+

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