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the axe and crown

Let’s give you a quick backstory before we dive into the misadventures of The Axe & Crown podcast. This is a spinoff of the Alba Salix series, which tells the story of Alba (a witch and “royal physician”), who feels overwhelmed with the number of patients she deals with on a daily basis. Though she receives some help from Holly and Magnus (an herbalist and a wanna-be surgeon, respectively), they are about as clumsy and accident-prone as Sandra Bullock from Miss Congeniality. Now in The Axe & Crown, the story focuses on Gubbin the troll (who seems to be in the same universe as Alba the witch). Gubbin, along with Stan the landlord and his niece Betula, helps to run a less-than-perfect tavern. It’s full of humor, witty dialogue, and situations that involve bowling and beer. 

The Hosts: Eli McIlveen has done a lot in the entertainment business. For starters, he’s been a dialogue editor, sound designer, playwright, writer, actor, and podcast director, and his life thus far has revolved around radio drama. He has also made an appearance on Jim Robbie and the Wanderers. Sean Howard has a background in marketing and advertising and has used his expertise to market the first season of Alba Salix. Sean has also worked in several theater productions and loves to juggle in his spare time. And if you’re familiar with the Civilized podcast, Sean is one of the voice actors and producers on it.

The Guests: The Axe and Crown podcast doesn’t feature any guests.

Why You Have to Listen: Each episode is about 30 minutes long, and they highlight some pretty hilarious bad decisions between Gubbin and his friends. For example, Stan can be pretty clueless sometimes, and his ideas for fixing up the Axe & Crown are questionable. But there are also lots of awesome events within this podcast, like the Harvest Moon Faire (of course, excitement usually leads to trouble and misadventures). So in short, The Axe & Crown is the perfect fiction-based podcast for those who want to experience a unique story that is full of funny plot twists, strange settings, and lots of charming characters.

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Must-Listen Episodes:

Selected Shades of Pink

A Dangerous Cocktail

As Good as Gone

Rating: Teen+

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